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Edible Mushrooms and Gourmet Truffles

In the section of mushrooms for gourmet cooking of La Casa de las Setas, you will find a large number of products where the main ingredient are mushrooms and truffles. All of them selected for their high level of quality, and handmade by small producers.

You will find up to 21 different species of dried and powdered mushrooms. Boletus edulis, amanita caesarea, perrechicos, trumpet of the dead, yellow trumpet, senderuela, chanterelle, morel mushrooms, ... All of them both in small and bulk format for catering in formats of 500 and 1000 gr.

If you are looking for other gourmet mycological products, we have canned mushrooms in their natural state, in oil or cooked dishes with mushrooms such as pickled chanterelles. Risottos and pasta with mushrooms for effortless cooking. Jams and sweet preserves such as sweet and sour yellow trumpet or boletus and truffle jam. Even a variety of liqueurs and craft beers where boletus, chanterelles or chanterelles are the protagonists.

In the gourmet truffle section of La Casa de las Setas, you will find from fresh summer or winter truffle to receive at home in 24h, to preserves made with this precious fungus. Do not forget that we are in one of the best truffle production areas in the world, the Maestrazgo.

If you are looking for an original gourmet gift or to buy a Christmas basket, try one of our packs or baskets made with mushrooms. We have put together several options of Christmas baskets with mushrooms, to suit your budget.

Which edible mushroom are you looking for?

Gourmet mushrooms

Do you like mushrooms for cooking? In our online store of mycological material we wanted to dedicate an important section to those gourmet products whose main ingredient are the different species of edible mushrooms. In our delicatessen section you will find a great variety of mycological gourmet products:

  • Dehydrated mushrooms, the most consumed product, in its different packages from 30 gr to 1kg bags of 21 different varieties of dehydrated mushrooms.
  • Powdered mushrooms, ground from dried mushrooms, to be used as condiments and to season dishes or recipes and give them that mushroom touch.
  • Canned mushrooms, either in brine or semi-processed, to keep their texture almost intact and to be able to consume them any day of the year.
  • Rice, pasta and risottos of boletus, black trumpet, chanterelles, ..., the largest variety on the internet. More than 30 different varieties of fideuas, rice and pasta made with bolets to cook in a jiffy.
  • Sweets and jams with yellow trumpet, nasturtium, mountain gluttony..., shiitake, boletus, rebouelos and truffle liqueurs, truffle or edulis aroma oils, vinegars and Italian vinegars flavored with t. melanosporum, ...

You can even buy mushrooms and fresh truffles in season! If you are thinking of treating yourself, take a look at our section of gourmet mushrooms and truffles and decide to buy a boletus risotto or a perrechicos preserve. A real treat! All our products are elaborated with the best fresh products, freshly harvested in the best mycological areas by expert hands, and with first quality ingredients. That cooking edible mushrooms is fashionable is a fact. More than a few chefs and cooks use them every day in their recipes. Cooking mushrooms such as morels or boletus, which until recently was a rarity, has now become commonplace. Not only because of the flavor they bring to dishes, but also because edible mushrooms and fungi are a healthy, natural and very appropriate food for a large number of cooking diets.

What varieties of edible mushrooms can I find?

The use of mycological products in the kitchen was limited to a few varieties of cultivation, mainly used to cook mushrooms or cook oyster mushrooms. And if we talk about wild mushrooms, few cooks used any other variety than cooking niscalos in their autumn season. But today the number of edible cultivated species has multiplied, shiitake, enoki, shimeji, different varieties of oyster or thistle, ... and if we talk about edible wild mushrooms, the varieties used are no less than a dozen. Types such as boletus edulis, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, trumpet mushrooms, yellow trumpet mushrooms, morels and perrechicos, senderuelas, llanegas or negrillas to name just a few names of mushrooms, we can find them in season already in many stores and in some stores specializing in gourmet mycological products.

Which product is better? Fresh, dried or canned mushrooms?

Well, it depends a lot on the use you are going to give them and especially when you are going to use them. If it is in season, our recommendation is always to use fresh mushrooms. There is no other mushroom that matches them in flavor or texture. If you compare the texture of a fresh mushroom with that of a dehydrated one there is no color, but this does not mean that there are mushrooms that dehydrated retain many of their organoleptic characteristics. And this is very good when the months come when it is not possible to find a variety of fresh mushroom. Moreover, dehydrated mushrooms can be preserved very easily and for a long time, so if we keep the dehydrated mushrooms in a dry place without light, we can enjoy them for a long time. If we also want to keep even more dried mushrooms in a state as close as possible to the original, opt for a preserved species, such as chanterelles or boletus in oil, we will get almost edible seasonal mushrooms with a small decrease in flavor. A highly recommended option for cooking them

What other mico gourmet products can I find?

The increase in the consumption of edible mushrooms has increased and the food industry has not been left behind. The range of gourmet mycological products is now wide and varied. You can find all kinds of dried and even powdered or flour. Edible mushrooms in different types of preserves, in oil or brine. Mushroom jams, truffle flavored oils, liqueurs, honey, .... They are many and all delicious. There are also ready-to-cook dishes where these fruits of the forest are the main ingredient. We are talking about risottos, rice dishes, pastas, ... all of them very easy to prepare. If you want to cook mushrooms at home, buy a risotto of boletus or a fideuá of dehydrated senderuelas will turn you into an authentic mycological chef.

Giving mycological products as a gift for the kitchen, a sure hit

Throughout the year there are special dates when you have to buy a gift for someone who is fond of going out to look for mushrooms or for a cooking enthusiast. For these moments we propose you one of our mico gourmet packs. We have selected different packs of mycological products for the kitchen where you can buy boletus risotto, flavored oils, truffle and boletus preserves, trumpet noodles, ... the range is very wide and varied and you can find mushroom prices for all tastes.

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