Folding canes

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How to choose a foldable trekking pole

A folding trekking pole is an instrument that will be very useful for our outings in the mountains with greater comfort and safety. This is due to the fact that these tools allow us to distribute the weight of both our body and our load in a much more balanced way, thus avoiding overloading our joints.

However, the folding trekking poles have a fundamental characteristic that differentiates them from other models and that is that they can be adjusted in height; thus becoming a very versatile tool that will be very useful for both ascents and descents in mountain areas with the greatest possible comfort.

For this reason, more and more people decide to buy a folding trekking pole both for hiking and for mycological routes; since it is an element that will allow us to walk all kinds of trails without our legs and knees suffer too much.

However, in the market you can find a multitude of folding hiking poles. Therefore, before deciding on a specific model, it is necessary to take into consideration some of its characteristics and qualities in order to choose a pole that best suits our needs and preferences:

  • Cane size

It is of vital importance that our cane has a length according to our height. Therefore, to make sure that a cane is of our size, we must check that our elbow forms a right angle when we hold it resting its tip on the ground. However, when climbing, it is recommended to shorten this measure between 5 and 10 centimeters, while when we are descending it would be advisable to lengthen it to avoid accidents and to walk along the paths in a more comfortable way.

  • Manufacturing material

This is one of the aspects to which we should pay more attention when acquiring a folding trekking pole, since the material used for its manufacture not only determines its weight, but also its durability. Thus, both aluminum and carbon fiber are materials that stand out for being quite light and resistant, being therefore excellent materials for manufacturing folding trekking poles.

  • Handle

The handle of our folding trekking pole should not only have an ergonomic design that fits our hand; it should also be made of materials capable of both absorbing moisture and preventing slipping; thus preventing us from falls or accidents while using them.

Where to buy a folding hiking stick

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