Canned Mushrooms

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Canned mushrooms and boletus

Mushrooms in brine, canned boletus in oil, dishes cooked with mushrooms. Boletus and mushroom pâté, Elaborated with mushrooms

Apart from dehydrating mushrooms, freeze-drying or making mushroom flour, boletus, ... there are different ways of preserving edible mushrooms and fungi. From the traditional preserves in oil or sottolio, where preserved boletus are the kings, to preserves in brine (water with salt) that keep intact the texture of the mushrooms or even dishes and recipes made with mushrooms. The variety is enormous

You can find more than 20 different canned mushrooms, made with 12 different species: boletus, wild mushrooms, perrechicos, llanegas, milk caps, shiitake, ... With our selection of canned mushrooms you will have no excuse not to incorporate mushrooms to your diet and benefit from the nutritional properties of mushrooms. They are ideal as a gift for a mushroom and cooking enthusiast.

If you are thinking of buying canned mushrooms, you will find very cheap prices for canned boletus in oil or canned camagrocs.

Try our canned mushrooms and become an authentic micochef