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Discover our wide selection of mushroom baskets. All our mushroom baskets allow you to disperse the spores while you are foraging and keep your mushrooms in perfect condition.

Wicker baskets for collecting mushrooms, handmade chestnut baskets, folding baskets, bags and nets, even accessories to improve the performance of your wicker mushroom basket!

In La Casa de las Setas we are passionate about this hobby and we have selected from the best national artisans those models that by their characteristics are best suited to mushroom picking.

If you are looking to buy cheap mushroom baskets you will find models of mushroom baskets of all prices and sizes. You are sure to find the mushroom basket that best suits your picking style!

Advantages of using a mushroom basket

A good handmade basket is undoubtedly the main element in the mycological equipment. They have been used for a long time. They are really essential to go mushroom picking for different reasons:

    • It is the best way to transport mushrooms, causing them the least possible damage. Especially in delicate species such as Coprinus or chanterelles.
      They help to disseminate the spores helping mushrooms to reproduce while walking.
      They allow an optimal aeration of mushrooms and fungi. This aspect is fundamental and the most important reason for NOT USING plastic bags. Prevents mushrooms from decomposing
      We help to maintain an artisan trade, which is on the way to disappear in many areas.
      We use a sustainable, biodegradable, resistant and environmentally friendly material.
      Quality handmade baskets, ideal for mushrooms
      Our wicker baskets are made by artisan basket makers, using only the finest wicker. This is the only way to achieve these works of wicker craftsmanship. In our online basketry catalog you will find any type of wicker basket, in all shapes and sizes.
    • Traditional, resistant and light chestnut baskets Using chestnut wood strips and rods, our masters in chestnut craftsmanship elaborate the traditional chestnut baskets. Ideal for mushroom picking due to their lightness and robustness, they are also used as chestnut baskets for firewood. In our section of sale of chestnut baskets you will find a great variety...
    • Mushroom picking nets, take them with you in your backpack A mushroom picking net or bag perfectly meets the requirements for mushroom picking. It allows to aerate the mushrooms and to spread the spores. Of course, the mushrooms are not as well protected as with wicker baskets, but they are an ideal resource to carry in your backpack or jacket.

What other uses can I give to a mushroom basket?

Wicker baskets, besides being ideal for carrying mushrooms, are also very useful for other activities: shopping baskets, picnic baskets, baskets for agricultural tasks. You can also decorate with wicker. Nowadays wicker handicrafts are fashionable and wicker baskets are used for decoration or as wedding baskets.

Where to buy wicker baskets, wicker stores, chestnut or basketry online?

Not long ago there were wickerwork shops in every city, baskets in Madrid, baskets in Barcelona, Seville? but there were also wicker craft stores in most of the villages of our geography. Nowadays the traditional baskets have been disappearing. But in online baskets as La Casa de las Setas you can find the model of wicker basket you are looking for. If you want to buy a cheap wicker basket, or you are looking for a good price wicker basket, you can find models of all price range

Mushroom baskets

Mushroom baskets are a fundamental piece of mushroom foraging equipment. Not only do they help us to maintain the development of the mushrooms by spreading the spores, but they are also the best method to guarantee the best transport and aeration of our mushrooms while we walk. Traditionally they have been made with natural fabrics, being wicker baskets and chestnut or hazel baskets the most used. But not all baskets are made of these materials. There are modern models of baskets made of mesh, nylon, grille or fabric that also allow us to collect and transport mushrooms.

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