Baskets for mushrooms

Find your mushroom basket among more than 100 models available in stock

Discover our wide selection of mushroom baskets. All our mushroom and fungi baskets allow for spore dispersal while you're out in the woods and keep the mushrooms in perfect condition. At La Casa de las Setas, we are passionate about this hobby and have selected the best national artisans whose models best adapt to mushroom picking due to their characteristics.

If you're looking to buy a cheap mushroom basket, you'll find models of mushroom baskets at all prices and sizes. You're sure to find the mushroom picking basket that best suits your harvesting style!

Wicker baskets for mushrooms

Discover the quality of our wicker baskets, crafted by skilled basket artisans who use only top-quality wicker. These authentic works of craftsmanship are not only a testament to artisanal skill but are also essential for mushroom picking enthusiasts. In our online basketry catalogue, you'll find a unique variety of wicker baskets in different shapes and sizes. Each basket has been carefully selected for its craftsmanship and functionality during mycological expeditions, providing safe and ventilated transport to preserve your findings. From classic models to more versatile options, our collection highlights authenticity and tradition, offering a unique experience with every mushroom hunt. Discover the elegance and practicality of our baskets to enrich your next mycological adventure!

Chestnut baskets for mushrooms

Traditional chestnut baskets, sturdy and lightweight Using strips and rods of chestnut wood, our master chestnut craftsmen craft the traditional chestnut baskets. Ideal for mushroom picking due to their lightness and robustness, they are also used as chestnut baskets for firewood. In our chestnut basket sales section, you will find a wide variety...

Mushroom baskets with lid

Mushroom baskets with a lid are a practical and functional choice for mycological enthusiasts. Designed to offer safe and protected transport for your precious finds, these baskets feature lids that shield the mushrooms from possible external elements and allow for optimal preservation during your expeditions. Whether you opt for a classic design or a more modern version, our mushroom baskets with a lid become ideal allies, ensuring that your harvests reach home in perfect condition. Explore our selection to discover the perfect combination of practicality and protection in every mushroom hunt.

Meshes and bags for mushrooms

Meshes for collecting mushrooms are a practical and easy-to-carry alternative on your mycological expeditions. These bags perfectly fulfill the requirements for mushroom collection, allowing for proper ventilation and spore dispersal. Although mushrooms are not as protected as in wicker baskets, meshes are an ideal resource for those who prefer a lightweight and compact option. Their design makes it easy to carry them comfortably in a backpack or even in a jacket, offering a convenient solution for collectors on the move. Explore the practicality of meshes and take with you the freedom to collect mushrooms efficiently and hassle-free.

Basket accessories

Complement your mushroom baskets with our specialized accessories. Our adjustable lids provide additional protection for your precious collections, keeping the mushrooms safe during your journeys. Additionally, our straps and fastening tapes ensure safe and comfortable transport, allowing you to carry your baskets with ease. For enthusiasts who want to measure their findings, we offer practical and precise scales. These accessories not only improve the functionality of your baskets but also optimize your harvesting experience, providing practical solutions for every need. Discover how our accessories can enrich your mushroom hunting equipment!

Which mushroom basket to buy?

We help you choose the best mushroom basket

Despite the predominance of wicker or chestnut mushroom basket models, not all baskets are the same. Just as there are no two identical collectors. Therefore, at La Casa de las Setas, we take care to select a wide variety of models, sizes, and shapes. Because an occasional collector will not need the same size as an expert or professional collector, or even a child.

Among all the models we have available of mushroom baskets, not all have the same characteristics, so we are going to help you choose a wicker basket by selecting those models that meet certain requirements: size, capacity, material with which it is made, ...

As for the shape, in our mushroom basket section, we have grouped the baskets according to whether they are made of wicker or chestnut, if they have lids to protect the content or not, if they are meshes or foldable baskets. We have even created a category of accessories to turn your basket into a backpack, add a lid, a pocket for objects, or a carrying strap. You can customize your basket to your liking.

What size mushroom basket do I need?

Choose the perfect size: how to select the ideal basket for your mycological adventure

The choice of basket size is crucial when embarking on mushroom picking. It is not the same to use a basket for a few mushrooms as it is to fill it with mushrooms in November. Size becomes essential in this context. If we are only going to collect a few, the mushrooms will be better protected in a small basket. Trying to always use an extremely large basket will only cause damage to the mushrooms as they roll uncontrollably.

On the other hand, opting for a basket that is too small can be frustrating, as we will have to make multiple trips to the car or resort to a mesh to transport the mushrooms. The key is to be realistic and consider what type and amount of mushrooms we plan to collect. They are not always filled to the brim.

We can classify a basket of up to 35 cm as small, a medium mushroom basket will be between 35-50 cm, and we will consider large or professional size the one that exceeds 50 cm in length. Ultimately, choosing the right size ensures an efficient and respectful harvesting experience with the mushrooms.

Small mushroom baskets

Medium mushroom baskets

Large mushroom baskets

Cheap mushroom baskets

Discover our most affordable models

Exploring the fascinating world of mycology requires having the right equipment, and our cheap mushroom baskets are the perfect option for collectors at an affordable price. Discover the quality and functionality of our most economical models, designed to make your mushroom hunting experience even more accessible and satisfying. Do not compromise on quality for the price; with our affordable baskets, you can fully enjoy your mycological expeditions without breaking your budget.

Low-handle mushroom baskets

Our most mushroom-friendly models

A fundamental feature that collectors look for in a mushroom basket is the quality of the handle. It should be as low as possible and reinforced. In times of emergency, our basket becomes an essential support, and to respond efficiently, the handle must be extremely resistant. Our models have been carefully designed to meet this crucial requirement, offering a low handle that provides the necessary strength to face unforeseen situations during your mycological journeys. With us, you not only get a basket but also a reliable companion in every step of your mushroom hunt. These are our models that meet this very mushroom-friendly requirement, the low handle.

Lightweight mushroom baskets

Discover our lighter weight models

Discover weightless comfort with our lightweight mushroom baskets, the lightest models in our catalogue. When faced with the challenge of carrying a basket full of mushrooms to the car, every gram counts. Aware of this, we have carefully selected baskets that stand out for their lightness, allowing you to enjoy picking without carrying unnecessary weight. As you explore our catalogue, you will be surprised by some of these baskets, demonstrating that lightness does not compromise quality. Facilitate your mycological journey with these options designed to make each stage of your experience in the fascinating world of mushrooms lighter.

Shapes of mushroom baskets you can find

Choose the most appropriate shape for your mushroom basket

Explore the diversity of shapes in our mushroom baskets: round, oval, square, baskets, backpacks, baskets and other unique options. Are you looking for a basket with a specific shape? Oval, square or rectangular baskets usually offer greater capacity and make better use of space during transportation in the car. On the other hand, round baskets stand out for their common use in floral decoration. Consider the purpose of your basket: What are you going to use it for? We have organized our baskets according to their shape so that you can easily find the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Discover the variety and choose the perfect shape to make your mycological experience even more special!

Oval mushroom baskets

The most popular baskets

Oval mushroom baskets stand out as the most popular among mushroom pickers. Their elegant and versatile design combines classic aesthetics with practical functionality. The oval shape allows for a harmonious arrangement of mushrooms, facilitating visualization and organization during picking. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these baskets offer sufficient capacity for mycological finds. If you are looking for a perfect balance between style and utility, oval baskets are the preferred choice to accompany you on your mushroom hunting expeditions.

Rectangular mushroom baskets

Rectangular mushroom baskets are a practical and efficient choice for mushroom pickers. Their elongated and rectangular design allows for an orderly arrangement of mushrooms, effectively utilizing space. These baskets are ideal for those seeking greater collection capacity and want to optimize the organization of their findings. The rectangular shape also facilitates transportation and storage in the car during your expeditions. If you value functionality and storage capacity, rectangular baskets are an excellent choice to make your mushroom picking experience more efficient and organized.

Round mushroom baskets

Ideal baskets for decoration

Round mushroom baskets are a classic and aesthetically pleasing option for mushroom pickers. Their circular design not only offers a traditional look but also facilitates the visualization and layering of mushrooms, allowing for organized picking. These baskets are especially popular in the field of floral decoration due to their versatile and harmonious shape. If you are looking for a basket that combines functionality with a decorative touch, round baskets are a charming choice to accompany you on your mycological excursions.

Wicker cuévanos and backpacks

Comfort with wicker on your back

Wicker cuévanos and wicker backpacks are innovative and practical options for mushroom picking enthusiasts. Cuévanos, with their conical and open shape, allow for easy arrangement of mushrooms and facilitate ventilation, contributing to the preservation of findings. On the other hand, wicker backpacks offer a comfortable solution for transporting your discoveries during your mycological journeys. These options, with their unique design, add a distinctive touch to your equipment, combining functionality and style in each expedition in search of mushrooms.

Other unconventional mushroom baskets

Explore our variety of baskets, wood holders, and other baskets, ideal for different uses and needs. Baskets, with their wide and versatile design, are perfect for abundant collections and for carrying the essentials on your outdoor adventures. Wood holders offer a practical solution for transporting firewood or any other material. Additionally, you will find other baskets designed for various purposes, each adapting to different situations. Whether for mushroom picking, object storage, or outdoor activities, discover the diversity of our baskets to meet all your needs.

Mushroom baskets, essential in your equipment

Mushroom baskets are essential tools for mushroom lovers, offering specific features that enhance the picking experience. These baskets usually have low, reinforced handles, ensuring comfortable and sturdy transport. Their shape, whether round, oval, square or otherwise, adapts to different preferences and needs.

Mushroom baskets allow for proper ventilation of the finds, contributing to the preservation of mushrooms during the journey. Additionally, some models incorporate adjustable lids, fastening straps, and other accessories that add functionality to the equipment.

These baskets are not only practical for mushroom picking but can also have decorative or storage uses at home. When selecting a mushroom basket, it is crucial to consider the size, shape, and specific features that fit your preferences and needs during your mycological outings.

Why use baskets for mushrooms

Advantages of using a mushroom basket

A good handmade basket is undoubtedly the main element in mycological equipment. They have been used for a long time. They are really essential for going out to collect mushrooms for several reasons:

It is the best way to transport mushrooms, causing them the least possible damage. Especially in delicate species such as Coprinus or níscalos.

They help to disseminate the spores, helping mushrooms to reproduce as we walk.

They allow for optimal ventilation of mushrooms and fungi. This aspect is fundamental and the most important reason NOT to USE plastic bags.

Prevents the decomposition of mushrooms.

We help maintain a craft that is disappearing in many areas.

We use a sustainable, biodegradable, resistant and environmentally friendly material.

Where to buy mushroom baskets

La Casa de las Setas, your online basketry shop

In times past, traditional basketry shops adorned our cities and towns, from the bustling metropolis of Madrid to the vibrant Barcelona, the picturesque Seville and the charming Valencia. These specialized establishments, full of the magic of wicker craftsmanship, used to be a refuge for lovers of handwoven products. However, over time, we have seen how these traditional basketry shops have gradually disappeared from our urban and rural landscapes.

Despite this change in the commercial landscape, a new horizon of possibilities emerges in the form of online basketry shops. La Casa de las Setas, as a prominent example, stands as a virtual portal where you can explore an exquisite variety of wicker baskets. Whether you are looking for an affordable wicker basket or a specific model with an excellent price, our online store offers a variety of options for all tastes and budgets.

Discover the authenticity and warmth of wicker baskets at La Casa de las Setas, connecting with tradition and craftsmanship. Thus, not only do you find the perfect basket for your needs in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia, but you also immerse yourself in an online shopping experience that revitalizes the essence of basketry, taking you beyond geographical boundaries and bringing you closer to the richness of wicker craftsmanship in every corner of Spain and beyond.

Other uses of a mushroom basket

Baskets are not just for mushrooms

In addition to their main function of mushroom collection, a basket designed for this purpose can have various practical and versatile uses. Here are some ideas:

Picnics and Excursions: Use your basket to carry food and utensils on outdoor picnics or nature excursions. Its design facilitates the organization and transportation of food, drinks, and other essentials.

Markets and Shopping: Take your basket to the market or store for sustainable shopping and avoid the use of plastic bags. You can organize fruits, vegetables, and other products neatly.

Decoration: Mushroom baskets, with their rustic charm, can also be used as decorative elements in the home. Place them on shelves, tables, or corners to add a natural and cosy touch.

Storage: Store magazines, books, toys, or various items in your basket to keep different spaces in your home organized. Its open design provides easy access to stored items and enhances your home's decor.

Gifts: Use the basket as part of a special gift. Fill it with gourmet products, bath items, or local products to create a personalised and charming gift.

Car Organisation: Keep your car organised by using the basket to store small items, reusable bags, or essential items you want to have on hand while driving.

Remember that the versatility of your mushroom basket goes beyond its initial function, allowing you to utilise it in different aspects of your daily life. Let it be a functional and stylish piece in your everyday routine!

We dispatch baskets in stock within 24/48 hours

Place your order and receive your mushroom basket comfortably

We work with the best basketry craftsmen, and all our baskets are selected for their strength, durability, and quality of craftsmanship. You just have to choose the model that best suits your picking style. We will deliver it to you within 24/48 hours directly to the address you provide. It's that easy!

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