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Every year, especially during the mushroom hunting season, we hear new news about lost or disoriented mushroom hunters who have been adrift for days. So, if you are one of those who prefer to go out into nature with your survival kit, this post is for you.

In the Mushroom House were going to show you all the types of orienteering tools you might need on your outings into the woods. From compasses , tactical survival watches or digital survival watches, to different types of whistles and garmin , a wide offer in which you can find cheaper and basic models up to multifunctional orienteering tools.

outdoor GPS: your best ally in the mountains

Without a doubt, the mountain GPS is a safe and comfortable option for your mushroom outings. With it, you can not only mark different areas of your route, but also the starting point or the position where you have left your vehicle, so you can return whenever you want. And since it is synonymous with safety, it will surely encourage you to take new routes and make the most of the day.

In addition, thanks to its comfortable design, its robustness and its easy handling, the mountain GPS has filled the backpacks of mushroom hunting enthusiasts with peace of mind. If you are looking for the one that best suits your needs, on our website you can find from cheap GPS for the mountain to GPS trekking with more navigation options and with the maximum guarantees.

All GPS models that you will easily find are of the most prestigious and committed brands: Garmin, Magellan and Two Nav. Go mushroom hunting with confidence and peace of mind!

The importance of carrying a whistle

In case of emergency, the whistle is a very functional tool, as it acts as a quick alert mechanism. It is also an essential complement to the compass, tactical watches and garmin.

But what if we tell you that the emergency whistles are no longer as they used to be? Gone are the single whistle to make way for the three-in-one whistle (including thermometer and compass) and the five-in-one multifunction whistle (compass, mirror, flint and waterproof compartment).