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Cooking accessories and recipe books with mushrooms

Useful appliances and accessories for cooking mushrooms and truffles. Mycological recipe books

This selection of kitchen accessories and recipe books is aimed at fans of edible mushrooms but also at cooking recipes with mushrooms.

In our online gourmet mushroom store, in addition to the best dried mushrooms and canned edible mushrooms, we have selected those utensils, appliances and books that are related to cooking and gourmet mushrooms.

Accessories for cleaning and handling mushrooms in the kitchen, so that we can remove all traces of dirt and dirt from our boletus, chanterelles, milk caps,..

Appliances to preserve mushrooms or cook them, such as food dehydrators, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables. We even offer you a vacuum packing machine for a perfect storage and preservation of edible mushrooms and fungi both in the fridge and in the freezer.

Recipe books are essential to increase our knowledge of cooking and as a good delicatessen store selling mushrooms and mushroom equipment, we have selected the best mushroom recipe books, so you can cook boletus, poplar mushrooms, shiitake, ..

Learn how to cook mushrooms and fungi, how to clean boletus, how to preserve chanterelles and chanterelles, and above all how to cook each species of edible mushroom.

Become an expert mycological cook, because not everything is going to be about foraging for mushrooms in the bush. Do not miss the opportunity to buy your cookbook with recipes made with mushrooms