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Mushroom knife

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Mushroom knives with cleaning brush

Special knives for mushroom picking with built-in brush. They are ideal for cleaning plant debris that may remain stuck to the mushroom stem.

These mushroom knives with brush have a curved blade that adapts perfectly to the curved cut of the stem of the mushroom or fungus.

Depending on the model, they incorporate a practical sheath that you can carry attached to your belt and thus always have your mushroom knife ready to cut. Other models have a measuring tape to measure the size of the mushrooms and discard those specimens that do not reach a minimum size.

The mushroom knives with brush are specially designed for picking mushrooms so they are the most appropriate model if we go out to the mountain in most occasions.

If you want to buy a knife with brush cheap we have both basic models of knife mushrooms to special models decorated and presented in elegant cases of gift

Although any knife or knife can help us to collect mushrooms and fungi, there are in the market a great range of models that are conceived exclusively for this use. In La Casa de las Setas we are specialized in mushroom foraging equipment and in our desire to offer the largest selection to mushroom enthusiasts, we offer you a wide selection of this type of knives for mushrooms.

Within the knives that are intended for this use, the collection of niscalos, boletus and other edible mushrooms, we can find 2 large groups, the knives type tranchete and knives that incorporate a brush for cleaning mushrooms.

What is the characteristic of the knives with brush for mushrooms?

As its name indicates, the main characteristic of these mycological knives is the incorporation of a brush. This brush will help us to clean the mushroom specimens of plant debris and soil that may remain stuck to them while we collect them. This type of brush is usually located at the back of the handle and can be fixed or retractable, which is more convenient. The bristles can also be natural or nylon.

Apart from carrying a brush, other characteristics of mushroom knives can be the curved shape of the steel blade, the incorporation of a second serrated edge for cleaning the foot of the mushroom, carrying a printed ruler to measure the size of the mushrooms or carrying some other element such as small tweezers or an opener.

Within this type of knives it is usual that each model incorporates a knife sheath to protect them while we are not using them.

Who needs a mushroom knife with a brush?

This question is very easy to answer, any mushroom and mycology enthusiast , who likes to go out in the mountains to look for boletus or who likes mushrooms and nature. In addition there are many collectors who like to buy a mushroom knife with brush for its special shape.

Where can I buy a mushroom knife with brush?

With the increase that has experienced this hobby, it is not strange to find this type of knives. although here we have selected the best national and imported manufacturers and always at the best prices! So you can find all the models available from manufacturers such as Opinel, Herbertz, Aitor, Martinez Albainox, La Extremeña, Magic Mountain, ...

Regarding the price of a knife with brush , in our selection you will find from a cheap mushroom knife with brush to exclusive models handmade in Taramundi and others that are made of damascus steel and animal horn handles. The variety is very large and you will surely find the model of folding mushroom knife you are looking for