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At La casa de las Setas you can enjoy a wide range of preserves, oils and other quality truffle products. All of them have the Castelló Ruta de sabor seal. This is the best place to enjoy the delicacies of the province, because here you can buy the best truffled products to taste the excellence.

In our online store you will see how black or white truffles combine perfectly with cheeses, oils, duck foie , rice, honey, jams, chocolates, balsamic creams, cream liqueur or vodka. All these and other truffle products are a real pleasure for your senses .

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what makes truffles such a special product? The truffle harvesting season spans several months, from autumn to early spring. In addition, one of its great advantages is that it keeps very well and can be used in a large number of dishes throughout the year.

The truffle is easy to cook, although it should never be cooked above 80 ºC, as this would reduce its organoleptic characteristics. Use it to enhance your favorite pasta and cheese recipes , foie or meat.

Truffles can be classified according to their color, size, flavor and smell. The best known and most used variety is the black truffle, which is highly appreciated by the majority of the population. Its complex earthy character and woody aroma make it perfect for incorporating into different recipes and truffle products that you can buy in our online store.

Truffle seasoning

Enjoy the authentic flavor of the truffle and its intense aroma with some of our handmade truffle products. In La casa de las Setas we are specialized in the commercialization of Tuber melanosporum, Tuber aestivum and Tuber magnatum in different presentations.

You can buy a truffle seasoning with Himalayan salt, balsamic creams or different types of oils that will surprise you. As the truffle is a scarce delicacy, we select all our specimens under criteria of sustainability and commitment to nature.

In this way, we can offer you a product with an excellent and certified quality in which tradition and innovation converge. Likewise, our safe and fast logistics guarantee that you will receive truffle products with the best quality and in the best conditions at your home.