Knives for mushrooms

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You still don't know our selection of knives and mushroom knives? They are essential elements in the equipment for the search and collection of my own outdoor activities. We offer a variety that includes knives for mushrooms, agricultural, field, hunting, mountain, professionals, survival and tactics.

In La Casa de las Setas, committed to excellence, we present the best brands: Opinel, Extremadura, Victorinox, Joker, Magic Mountain, Maserín, Laguiole, among others. In addition, we highlight exclusive and artisanal models not available in other businesses. Are you looking for the perfect gift for a mushroom fan? We offer cases with exclusive knives, ideal for Christmas, birthday, retirement, or other occasions. Giving a mushroom knife case is always a safe success.

Where to buy a razor to look for mushrooms? You are in the right place. In our Navaja and Equipation section, you will not only find the highest range in the market, but you will also receive personalized advice to choose the model that best suits your needs. Contact us and we will be happy to help you. In addition, you have 15 days to return your purchase if you do not meet your expectations. As simple as that. Explore our options and equip yourself for your mycological adventures!

Brush knives to collect mushrooms

Discover the knives for mushrooms with brush: Special offer for mycology lovers! Ideal for fungal collection, these knives have curved leaves for precise cuts in the foot of the mushroom, and have brushes for efficient cleaning. Models with belt covers and integrated metric tapes make them always ready to use. Essential for mycology fans, our knives offer unique details such as curved steel leaves, dental edges and printed rules to measure.

Who needs a razor for mushrooms with a brush? Any mushroom enthusiast! Find yours in our selection of outstanding brands such as Opinel, Herbertz, Aitor, Martínez Albainox, Extremadura, Magic Mountain, etc. Buy your knife for mushrooms with brush and live the mycological experience!

Do you want us to recommend any? These are the best -selling cleaning brush models on our website, surely you find the knife you want to buy

Tranches, agricultural knives

Do you know our variety of tranche knives? They are ideal for mushroom collection. This classic model, traditionally used in agricultural work, has a perfect curved sheet for clean cuts in mushrooms. The Hoz form facilitates the gilling parallel to the base of the mushroom, guaranteeing precise cuts and optimal maintenance of fungi.

These knives, with a curved edge, are ideal for short -standing mushroom species such as snack or thistle mushrooms. Its curved shape and the variety of sizes make them the most appropriate for this collection, ensuring easy and clean cuts. The trachete, a traditional razor with a curved edge, has been historically used in agricultural work and collection. Ideal for mushroom collection, these knives are perfect for soft cuts, especially useful for mushrooms such as lactarius or pleorotus eryngii.

We have tranches of different sizes, from compact models with edges from 6 cm to professionals with 10.5 cm sheets. Find your trachete razor ideal for mushrooms, since in our selection there are options for all styles and budgets.

In La Casa de las Setas, we specialize in the collection of mushrooms, and that is why we offer a wide variety of models, from the cheapest to the most exclusive and handmade. Whatever your choice, we guarantee quality and versatility for your mycological adventures. Find your perfect trachete knife and enjoy the collection of mushrooms as never before!

Field knives

Discover our wide selection of knives and outdoor knives, ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and mountaineering. From campaign cutlery to multi -caja knives, we offer practical and versatile options of outstanding brands such as Laguiole, Opinel and Extremadura.

In La Casa de las Setas, you will find models for all styles and budgets, from economic options to more advanced technical knives. Our tools are essential both to cut mushrooms and for various outdoor activities, being lasting whenever they are given proper care.

These knives, composed of mango and leaf, are designed for nature fans, hunters, fishermen, mountaineers and rescue professionals. In addition, collectors will find exclusive and artisanal models in our selection.

Explore our supply of quality knives and knives, manufactured with steel leaves and noble wooden handles or durable synthetic materials. In the house of mushrooms, we work with the best national and international manufacturers, offering a wide variety of options to the best prices. If you seek to buy an outdoor knife, you are in the right place. In La Casa de las Setas, we work with the best national and international manufacturers, offering a wide selection of models to the best prices. Find the perfect knife for your outdoor adventures and enjoy the quality and versatility we offer. These are our best -selling models.

Truffle collection knives

Explore our selection of specialized knives and knives for truffle collection, fundamental to the unique experience of looking for these culinary treasures in the mountain or in truffle plantations. These tools are designed with resistant tips and wide shovel areas, allowing to dig up the truffles with the least possible damage. From folding models ideal for the backpack to larger knives, we offer a variety that fits the needs of each collection.

In La Casa de las Setas, we specialize in equipment to look for mushrooms and truffles, and our selection of truffle knives reflects our commitment to efficiency and durability. Carefully chosen, these knives, whether they are robust truffle machetes or practices for truffles, are specifically designed to facilitate the extraction of truffles from the earth. Find the perfect tool for your truffle expeditions, ensuring a successful collection in each output to the field.

From the precious forests to the truffle plantations, our truffle tools will accompany you in the search for these precious fungi. Explore our range in La Casa de las Setas and discover the quality and effectiveness offered by our tools specialized in truffle.

Don't you know which one you choose and look for a recommendation? These are our best selling models

Wild collectors

Our wild collectors, facilitating the collection of forest fruits such as blackberries, currants and blueberries. We offer options such as the metallic, plastic collector and small models, all with supporting handle and container box. The best time to collect is September and October, although you can also do it in summer. Keep your fruits without washing to preserve your freshness. In addition, with our classic corvillo, ideal for harvesting, you can also cut mushrooms and asparagus. Explore our tools and prepare to collect your favorite fruits.

In La Casa de las Setas, we offer you a variety of asparagus collectors, such as the vintage corvillo, the fist corvillo, the slope, the Spanraguera blade, the tranchete sparkle and the roting corvillo with double edge. All these tools, handmade, make asparagus collection a simple and satisfactory task. Find the ideal collection that suits your needs and prepare to enjoy the asparagus harvest of your own plantation. Contact us to receive advice and accompany us in your exits to the forest!

These would be the collectors that our clients demand the most

Cheap mushrooms knives

Economical pocket knives

In La Casa de las Setas, we offer you a selection of knives for economic mushrooms, perfect for fans looking for quality tools at affordable prices. Our range includes basic razors for mushrooms, ideal for fungal collection. Explore our options and find the razor that adapts to your budget, without compromising the efficacy and durability necessary for the search for mushrooms. Prepare to enjoy your outings to the mountain with our affordable knives!

Exclusive mushrooms knives

Opinel, Old Bear, Laguiole, Victorinox

In addition to their specific functionality for mushroom collection, these knives stand out for their careful design and the incorporation of details that make them special pieces. Recognized brands such as Opinel, Herbertz, Aitor, Martínez Albainox, Extremadura, Magic Mountain, among others, have created unique models for the passionate of mycology.

These mushrooms are not only practical tools, but can also become collection pieces for those who appreciate crafts and quality. Discover our exclusive selection of knives for mushrooms that not only fulfill their practical function, but also reflect the taste for excellence and tradition of the most recognized brands.

Protect your style razor

In La Casa de las Setas, we offer you a wide range of razors designed to preserve and transport your mushroom tool with comfort and style. From Cases de Nylon with hooks for the belt to exclusive artisanal leather models, our options not only guarantee the safety of your knife, but also add a distinctive touch to your collection equipment. In addition, you will find essential accessories such as extendable sharpeners and hooks, ensuring that your knife remains sharp and ready for action in each expedition to the forest in search of mushrooms.

Cases with mycological knives

Find the perfect gift for mushroom lovers in our exclusive selection of mycological razors. From basic options for those who are starting to exclusive models presented in elegant cases, these knives are ideal for giving away those passionate about mushrooms. With elegant presentations in wooden boxes or cases, these gifts not only offer quality tools, but also a unique experience. Whether an economic set with a razor and brush, the classic Opinel Champignon Nº8 or exclusive Damascus steel models with asta handles, in La Casa de las Setas you will find the perfect option to surprise your loved ones loved fans of mycology.

Mushroom knives

Fungus to collect knives

In La Casa de las Setas, we have carefully selected a variety of specialized knives designed specifically for mushroom collection. Our collection includes high quality setes that meet the needs of fans and mycology experts. These knives are designed to offer a precise and efficient tool during your exits to the forest in search of mushrooms.

Each knife Setero in our selection has been chosen for its durability, versatility and ability to face the challenges involved in the collection of mushrooms. Whether you look for a classic design or innovative characteristics, in the mushroom house you will find the perfect knife to accompany you in your mycological fans. Trust us to provide quality tools that will facilitate your experience in mushroom collection.

What knife for mushrooms to buy?

We help you choose the best knife to collect mushrooms

Mushroom collection requires specialized tools, and knives and knives are fundamental elements. In La Casa de las Setas, we offer you an extensive variety, from mushrooms to tactical knives and truffle.

We work with the best brands, such as Opinel, Muela, Victorinox, Lagiole, and others recognized. From basic models to Damascus steel knives, we offer exclusivity and quality that you will not find in other places.

Diversity of models and uses:

From knives with a brush to clean mushrooms to agricultural tranches for fungus with creeping growth, we have the broadest selection. In addition, we explore options such as tricks for truffles, ideal for truffle enthusiasts. In La Casa de las Setas, we not only offer products, but a guide to choose the perfect tool. Are you looking for a gift razor or the best equipment to look for mushrooms? We are here to help you.

Brush razor

In general, brush mushrooms are an excellent option for those who value the convenience of a multifunctional instrument during its mycological outputs.


The advantages of blush knives are notable in the mycological collection activity:

Ease of cleaning: The built -in brush allows you to easily clean the mushrooms in the place of collection, avoiding wearing land and unnecessary waste.

Greater precision: the brush helps to carefully eliminate any impurity adhered to mushrooms, allowing a more precise cut and preserving the integrity of the fungus.

All in one: when combining the cutting function with the cleaning, the brush knives offer a comprehensive solution, simplifying the task of the collection.



Trachetes or corvillos are an excellent choice for specialized collectors looking for a tool dedicated to the specific task of cutting mushrooms with precision.


The advantages of razors for trachete mushrooms, specially designed for fungal collection, are remarkable:

Specific cut: the curved design and the specialized leaf of the trancte facilitate the precise cut of the mushroom stems, adapting to the form of growth of certain fungi such as the navals or thistle mushrooms.

Traditional use: tranchetes have a long history of use in agricultural and mycological collection, being traditional tools and proven by experienced collectors.

Durability: Built with robust materials, tranchetes are durable and resistant, capable of supporting frequent use in varied terrain.


Less versatility: unlike the most multifunctional knives, tranchetes are specifically designed to cut mushrooms, which could limit their usefulness in other activities.

Larger size and weight: Some collectors can find that tranches are larger and more heavy compared to more compact folding knives.

Not suitable for all fungi: although they are ideal for certain types of mushrooms, it may not be the best option for all fungi, depending on their form and growth environment.

Mushroom knife

The choice between a fixed blade knife to collect mushrooms and a specific mushroom knife will depend on individual preferences and the main use that will be given to the tool in outdoor activities.


Versatility: Setter knives usually have more robust and wide leaves, which makes them ideal for cutting thicker stem or to make more precise cuts in certain situations.

Durability: Due to their robust design, setes tend to be durable and resistant, which makes them a solid option for those looking for long -term tools.

Precise cut: the shape of the leaf of a seter knife allows more precise and controlled cuts, especially when working with larger mushrooms.


Size and weight: being larger and heavier compared to knives, setes can be less convenient to transport for long walks in search of mushrooms.

Less compact: seter knives are not usually as compact as knives, which can make storage difficult in small pockets or a backpack.

Less versatile: although they are excellent for cutting mushrooms, setes can be less versatile for other daily tasks or for general use compared to knives.

We send your mushroom razor on 24/48h

In La Casa de las Setas, we are committed to processing and quickly sending the razors available in our stock. You just have to choose the model that best suits your collection style. We will serve you in 24/48h directly in the direction you indicate. That easy

We offer the security of a return policy so you can make changes or returns if the knife does not meet your expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we work to give you the best shopping experience in tools for the search for mushrooms and other outdoor activities.

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