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Razors and knives for mushrooms

Razors and knives are another of the pillars of mushroom hunting equipment. But also for any outdoor activity. For this reason there are different types of knives: mushroom knives, agricultural knives, field knives, hunting knives, bush knives, professional knives, survival knives, tactical knives, survival knives ....

The best brands of knives and knives

In La Casa de las Setas, faithful to our commitment to select the best models of each type of knife, we offer you the best brands of knives and knives: Opinel, Extremeña, Victorinox, Joker, Magic Mountain, Maserín, Laguiole... In addition you will find exclusive and handmade models that you will not be able to find in the rest of stores and cutlery stores.

Mushroom knives with brush

A good mushroom knife is an essential piece of equipment for every mushroom hunter.

A mushroom knife is specially designed to adapt to the shape of mushrooms and fungi and to facilitate the cutting of their foot. They incorporate exclusive elements of this type of knives and knives for picking mushrooms, from practical brushes to facilitate the cleaning of soil and vegetable remains in the feet of the mushrooms, to tweezers to be able to extract spikes and small objects that we stick during the collection.

Mushroom knives are our specialty. You will not find a mycology knife store with more variety of this type of folding knife. From cheap and simple mushroom knives to exclusive damascus steel knives. Not in vain we are the reference mushroom store, so reject imitations.

Thanks to our experience as mushroom pickers, we know which mushroom knives are best for chanterelles, or which boletus knives we can recommend. Because each type of mushroom needs a different type of cut and each mushroom enthusiast has his own style of collecting.

Tranchete or harvesting knives

Depending on the type of mushroom we are going to look for, we will have to choose a certain model of mushroom knife, from one with a brush to a tranchete knife for mushrooms such as chanterelles or oyster mushrooms.

Among the models of mycological knives, the tranchete knives have a special weight. These curved knives were the first to be used for mushroom picking. Not in vain have they been used for centuries in agricultural harvesting. These tranchete knives are recommended for those mushrooms that have a creeping growth.

In addition, we have also selected models of knives for other outdoor uses, including some models of mushroom knives for children with exclusive safety systems.

Truffle knives

If you are professionally involved in truffle cultivation or truffle farming, you will know the tools that truffle farmers use to extract and harvest truffles. These are truffle knives or truffle knives. They are metal punches that will help us to extract the precious mushrooms from the earth and rocks.

In our section of tools for the truffle grower we have selected the best truffle knives and knives. Both those manufactured in Spain, as well as other imported models manufactured in France or Italy, countries with a long tradition in the cultivation of black and white truffles. You will find cheap truffle knives, from just over 10 €, to much more resistant and complete folding truffle pickers.

In our truffle knives section you will find different models of truffle knives and blades, specially adapted to the harvesting of this type of fungus.

In La Casa de las Setas we have the best brands, Opinel, La Extremeña, Laguiole, Albainox, ...and we have selected those models of mycological knives that better adapt to our hobby.

If you are thinking of buying a cheap mushroom knife, you will find the largest selection of knives for mushrooms and with the best prices.

Mushroom knives are one of the essential elements in the mushroom hunting equipment that every mycology enthusiast should include. And in La Casa de las Setas we are specialized in this type of equipment, so for us it is a duty to offer all the fans the largest selection of this type of knives.

In addition, and knowing that apart from collecting mushrooms, this type of folding knives can be used for many other tasks, we have selected the best models of the best known manufacturers and others not so well known but of the same quality.

Knives presented in gift boxes

Mushroom enthusiasts like to receive gifts related to our hobby. And in La Casa de las Setas we have the ideal gift. In our section of gift boxes, we have included those models of knives, exclusive, and presented in a case or special box, which are ideal for gifts. Exclusive models of knives, with a very careful presentation that will make you succeed with your gift.

What types of knives can I find?

This type of hedge knives are a useful tool for many activities both professional and leisure. And for this reason there are many types of specific models of knives for fishing, hunting knives, rescue knives, survival knives, ...

Within our selection we wanted to give importance to knives for collecting truffles. This activity is becoming increasingly widespread with the expansion of plantations of holm oaks and truffle oaks and therefore this type of truffle machetes is one of the most demanded products in our section of knives and equipment.

Sheaths and accessories for knives

These elements are undoubtedly necessary to protect and keep our knives sharp and clean as the first day. For this reason we have selected a wide variety of sheaths, nylon, cordura and natural leather, which adapt to all our knife models. In addition, we have several models of sharpeners and sharpeners to keep the knives in perfect conditions of use.

What knife can I buy as a gift for a mushroom enthusiast?

In La Casa de las Setas we are aware that mushroom hunting is an increasingly widespread hobby, and as such, many people think about it when giving gifts, Christmas, birthday gifts, retirement gifts and many other types of gifts. To give an answer to these customers, we have gathered the most exclusive models, presented in elegant cases that are best suited for this use. Undoubtedly, giving a mushroom knife case as a gift is a sure hit

Where to buy a knife to look for mushrooms?

There is no doubt that you are in the right place, in our section of knives and equipment, not only will you find the widest range of the market, but we will advise you on the model that best suits your needs. Just contact us and we will be happy to help you. You also have 15 days to return your purchase if you do not like it or it does not suit your needs, its that simple