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Home mushroom growing kits, mushroom alpacas, mycorrhizal trees and plants. Mycelia, spores and inoculated peat, mushroom-producing trunks. Niscal pines, truffle oaks and mycorrhizal plants. Discover our products for growing mushrooms

Growing mushrooms step by step

Until very recently we could only find in supermarkets and stores 2 varieties of edible mushrooms, mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. Fortunately the situation has changed and nowadays we can find a great variety of mushrooms such as cutivus, shiitake, reishi, oyster mushroom, oyster mushroom, more exotic mushrooms like enoki, maitake, ... and in Pleorotus the variety is widening day by day. We mushroom pickers like all kinds of mushrooms and fungi, and it is rare who has not tried to grow them at home.

For them we have created this section. A selection of mushroom growing kits, mycelia in grain, growing tools, specialized books on mushroom and truffle growing, ... Everything you need to learn how to grow mushrooms.

Find from alpacas of mushrooms to small kits of little more than 1.5 kg that you can grow in any hole in the kitchen or balcony, or to do an experiment in class. It's amazing how amazed children look when they see where the mushrooms they buy in supermarkets come from!

If you are thinking of buying an edible mushroom kit, take a look at this section and you will see how you decide on one. Our recommendation? The oyster mushroom, Pleorotus eryngii, we love it!

In recent years the use of edible mushrooms in cooking recipes has experienced a great increase. Consequently, the development of different mushroom species for cultivation has followed suit. We have gone in a short time from being able to grow mushrooms or oyster mushrooms and some other varieties to having a wide range of mushroom growing kits with a wide variety of species.

Whatever mushroom you want to grow, in La Casa de las Setas we have the product you are looking for. Contact us at

What kind of mushroom I want to grow?

Where can I grow mushrooms?

Although the first mushroom cultivation was carried out in large farms and caves, not all mushroom kits are for use in industrial cultivation, the formats have been reduced and although there are still large mushroom alpacas, of about 20 kgs in weight, nowadays the size of the mushroom cultivation kits has been reduced and we can find substrate bags of a size ranging from just over one kg, as is the case of our oyster mushroom micokit, to thistle mushroom micokits of about 4 kgs. These sizes make these mushroom crops can be grown in any room of our house, kitchen, garage, patio lights, ...

What formats of mushroom pots and cultivation kits are there?

The substrates for the cultivation of mushrooms are formed by different elements, but except for the case of mushroom cultivation in trunks, the rest of the kits can have different formats and weights and can be adapted to many formats. In the mushroom growing section of La Casa de las Setas we have compiled from a mushroom alpaca or a large size oyster mushroom alpaca to bags of oyster mushroom, oyster mushroom, enoki or shiitake substrate. As for the myco-kits you can find sizes from 1.5 l to bags of mushrooms of almost 10 kg. We work with the best mushroom nurseries, so we guarantee that if you follow the instructions for growing mushrooms you will be able to harvest mushrooms at home. You can even find mushroom logs inoculated with mushrooms for higher production.

Who can grow mushrooms?

Mycoculture, or mushroom growing, is becoming a popular business and more and more entrepreneurs are deciding to start a mushroom farm, either professionally or at home. The varieties of edible mushrooms for cultivation are usually chosen for their ease of fructification provided conditions are favorable, so anyone can become a mushroom or oyster mushroom grower. We even have a mycological cultivation kit for children, for the youngest of the house where they can get started in the cultivation of oyster mushrooms and at the same time have fun, a very didactic gift!

What species of edible mushrooms can I grow?

As we have already mentioned, until recently the only mushroom species that could be cultivated were mushrooms, Agaricus bisporus and the oyster mushroom or Pleorotus ostraetus, but this panorama has changed, and a lot! If you want to start growing mushrooms, you can choose from a wide variety of edible mushroom species: poplar mushroom, oyster mushroom of different types (black oyster mushroom, white oyster mushroom, Korean oyster mushroom, king oyster mushroom...), enoki, white shimeji, brown shimeji, shiitake, reishi, jew's ear.... You can choose the species that best suits the climatic conditions of your area or adapt these conditions in a controlled manner and start growing mushrooms easily.

How can I grow mushrooms at home?

Growing mushrooms and other fungi at home is not complicated, especially considering that we have selected strains and cultivation species that are perfectly adapted to our climate. However, all our mushroom kits, mushroom alpacas, mushroom trunks and mycorrhizal trees include growing instructions so that you can follow them step by step and harvest your first mushrooms in a simple and didactic way.

Planting mycorrhizal trees to collect mushrooms

Mycorrhizal trees are one of the latest trends in mushroom cultivation. The great majority of edible species are mycorrhizal, they are associated with the roots of certain trees and besides helping them to grow better, they nourish themselves and flourish around them. Mushroom species such as the appreciated truffles, boletus, chanterelles, or even wild thistle mushrooms and perrechicos, are some of those that you can sow in wild lands next to their trees or bushes and thus be able to harvest them after a few years. In our section of mycorrhizal trees you will find pines of different varieties mycorrhizal with different strains of chanterelles, holm oaks and oaks mycorrhizal with truffles, even wild thistle plants mycorrhizal with pleorotus eryngii. You can buy one mycorrhizated tree or several specimens for larger crops, take advantage of the prices for larger quantities!

Products related to mushroom growing

Growing mushrooms is not only about looking at mushroom kit prices, choosing a mushroom kit for home growing and waiting for mushrooms to fruit. You should also have informed yourself a little about the steps to follow and what are the optimal conditions for planting mushrooms, because not all environments are ideal for collecting mushrooms for cultivation. That is why in our growing accessories section we have compiled accessories such as hygrometers and ph meters to control the climatic conditions, covering substrates, and mushroom and truffle growing books, so that in addition to growing mushrooms you can learn about how to do it. If you want to buy a truffle growing book here you will find it at the best price.

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