Artichokes with truffle

Artichokes with truffle

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Canned artichokes with oil and black truffle 180 gr. Innovative product. The point achieved al dente allows to taste it, in a remarkable balance of flavors that gives the truffle, vinegar and cinnamon. Not to be forgotten.

Produced in the province of Castellón


ARTICHOKE IN OIL WITH BLACK TRUFFLEAS an appetizer at room temperature.

DESIGNATION: Artichokes in Oil with Black Truffle PRESENTATION: Formats: 212 ml Jar. TO-63Content: 212 ml.Net Weight: 180 g.Net Drained Weight: 150 g.NUTRITIONAL VALUE PER 100 G: Energy 235 Kcal. / 948 Kj.Proteins 3,50 g.Carbohydrates 2,30 g.of which sugars 0,20 g.Lipids 21,60 g.of which saturated fatty acids 3,20 g.Salt 1,50 g. STABILITY AND CHARACTERISTICS Shelf life - TMC 48 monthsStorage Store away from light and heatStability AFNOR Standards: 8 days - Temp. 50/55º PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS (GMO / RADIATION / IONIZATION / ALLERGENIC) Absent (HEAVY METAL / PESTICIDES) Absent REMARKS After opening, keep at 4ºC for a maximum of 48 hours

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