Waterproof clothing

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Waterproof mountain clothing

To go out in the mountains to look for mushrooms and edible mushrooms you must be prepared, as we can be surprised by a storm, hail, rain, ... at any time. It is not strange that in the middle of a day in the mountains, we are surprised by a storm, sometimes even hail. In addition, the main mushroom season coincides with the rainiest times of the year, spring and autumn. We all know how uncomfortable it is to walk in the forest with completely wet shoes or clothes.

As in other mountain or outdoor activities , taking the precaution of being well equipped to avoid these circumstances will allow us to enjoy this activity more. A recommendation would be to keep one of the pockets of our backpack to keep some waterproof and warm clothing .

As fans of the search for edible mushrooms, such as boletus, chanterelles, chanterelles or trumpets , in La casa de las Setas we have selected those waterproof garments that will make these critical situations more bearable and will protect us so that we only worry about collecting. Raincoats and waterproof ponchos, gaiters, rain suits, plastic pants and all that equipment that can keep us dry in the bush

So you will find waterproof ponchos to protect us from the rain, foldable you must carry them if or if in the backpack. occupy as a pack of handkerchiefs and for the function they do are essential.

Waterproof gaiters are another of the most useful outdoor garments. Thats why they are used in almost any activity, trekking, trail running, hiking, mushroom hunting... In our section of waterproof clothing you will also find gaiters to prevent moisture from soaking into our clothing and footwear. The mushroom gaiters are ideal for looking for mushrooms in meadows as it is in these areas where there is more moisture accumulated.

Dont let the rain make you stay at home! If you are thinking of buying mushroom gear , you should start with this section of waterproof mushroom clothing