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Outdoor knives and blades, mountain knives, hunting and camping knives

When you go out to the mountains or the countryside, you do it to practice other sports or tasks that are not only looking for mushrooms . For these activities we have selected those outdoor knives and penknives that are best suited to these activities and that of course also serve to cut mushrooms and fungi .

From a full set of camp cutlery to eat as if you were at home, knives that incorporate accessories such as whistle and saw teeth, to practical multi-tool knives to be used in case of emergency. You can even find a knife for children , with curved tip and small size!

If you are looking buy outdoor knife , a classic knife with straight tip, or any other mountain knife , you will find models of all styles and prices, from cheap knives to much more technical models.

Discover our range of knives for outdoor use of the best brands, Laguiole, Opinel, Extremeña, ...

If we talk about knives , we will realize the great variety of different kinds of knives , the wide range of brands and manufacturers of knives and knives and the endless forms of specific knives for different uses. In the cutlery sector a good amount of the sales that they make is centered in this type of folding knives , that can be used both in the day to day as work tools and for outdoor activities and field work and gardening.

Depending on the use that we are going to give a knife we can classify it. Thus we will find rescue knives, hunting knives, survival knives or knives for agricultural activities, knives for mushroom hunting ... Another characteristic of the outdoor pocket knives is their versatility, and although they are designed for a specific function they can also be useful for many other tasks. This makes them a very useful tool, as well as durable as long as care is taken in their maintenance, sharpening and protection with a knife sheath.

Who can use knives?

Almost anyone can use a knife. We have already talked about the multiple uses of a folding knife . We could not define a certain profile since almost everyone has ever used a knife for some activity. But surely it is in the outdoor activities, outdoor, where they can be used more. Thus nature enthusiasts, hunters and fishermen, mountaineers and professionals dedicated to rescue and protection, field workers and above all collectors are the people who are most likely to use a knife in their daily activities.

In each of these activities a specific type of knife or knife is used, depending on the task to be performed with it. If we are talking about fishermen or hunters, knives are frequently used in many of their activities. The same happens with rescue teams and special bodies where they must also be used for people rescue functions and incorporate other functions in addition to the blade. If we talk about collecting, the use is merely decorative although they usually demand exclusive models and often handmade knives .

What is the composition of a pocket knife?

In the same way that any knife, we could say that the pocket knives , folding knives , are basically composed of handle and blade. The blade is always made of steel, although there are different types. In the handle or hilt, the variety of materials used is much greater. Although they are usually made of wood, using noble and tropical woods, razor handles are also made of synthetic materials, although they are no less durable. In any case the materials used will always make the knives comfortable, light and durable.

Where can I buy an outdoor knife?

If you are thinking of acquiring an outdoor knife model in La casa de las Setas you can find the best models of knives always at the best price. We work with the best manufacturers of international and imported knives. Within the brands that you are going to find in our section of knives are Martinez Albainox, Aitor, Pedrajas, Opinel, Victorinox, Fox Cutlery, Virginia, Herbertz and many other brands of knives all reubnidas in a single web. Surely you will find your knife!