Mycelium in grain

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Reasons to buy mycelium in grains

More and more people interested in fungiculture are opting to buy grain mycelium to make their own substrates with which to grow edible mushrooms and fungi. This is because the mycelium in grain is formed by hyphae, which are a kind of filaments that favor the growth of cultivated mushrooms, as they are responsible for decomposing the microorganisms present in the soil to release their nutrients and, thus, our crop can absorb them more easily.

In this way, the mycelium in grain contains a large amount of living hyphae, so it is a very useful compound to make our own compost, since it will allow us to grow mushrooms more quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, the mycelium in grain allows us not only to grow our own mushrooms in a completely ecological way, but it is also an element that will allow us to significantly accelerate their growth, allowing us to enjoy our mushrooms in a shorter period of time.

Thus, to promote their growth it is necessary not only to have a good quality mycelium in grain, but also a suitable substrate. In addition, it is also necessary to keep an exhaustive control on its temperature and humidity, since these are aspects of vital importance for the growth of mushrooms.

In addition, if kept in optimal conditions, the mycelium in grain is a compound that can last for several months or even years, so it is a long-lasting product that we can use whenever we consider it convenient.

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