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Buy mycelium pellets for cultivation

Nowadays, the use of mycelium in pellets has become popular among fungiculture and mycology enthusiasts. This is because this format allows us not only to take advantage of all the benefits of mycelium in the cultivation of mushrooms and fungi, but also because it is an ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly method.

Therefore, more and more people are encouraged to buy mycelium pellets to grow mushrooms, as they are like a kind of small balls made of compacted organic material that we will inoculate inside a wooden trunk, favoring the growth process of our mushroom cultivation.

This is because the mycelium found in the pellet will begin to decompose the organisms and organic materials present in the wood, releasing and absorbing nutrients that will help the fungus or mushroom to grow faster.

In this way, the mycelium in pellets for cultivation is an element that allows us to obtain a greater number of mushrooms in a shorter period of time. However, in order to benefit from these properties, we must ensure that the trunk we are going to use is cut at least three months before the inoculation process and that the trunk is clean and free of lichens and mosses before using it. In addition, once the inoculation is done, we must control the humidity and temperature levels of the soil, since these are vitally important aspects that will determine the state and quality of the cultivated mushrooms.

Therefore, in La Casa de las Setas, our online store for mycology enthusiasts, we have a wide variety of mycelium pellets to cultivate different types of mushrooms. Thus, on our website you can find mycelium pellets with which to grow your own shitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms or oyster mushrooms among other varieties.

In addition, in our catalog you can also find pellet drills and adapters with which you can drill the sapwood of the trunk to be able to inoculate the pellets with mycelium in the most appropriate and simple way possible. However, these are not the only tools we have to grow mushrooms with pellets, as we also have film to grow mycelium in pellets, which we will use to cover the areas where the trunk has been drilled and inoculated, protecting the mycelium from the cold and preventing it from losing moisture.

Therefore, if you are looking for a store that sells everything you need to carry out this practice, we recommend you to visit La Casa de las Setas to buy mycelium pellets for growing.