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We have the best portuguese baskets available

The Portuguese baskets are a type of large baskets that have been traditionally used for collecting and transporting fruits and vegetables. This is because the baskets have been manufactured with materials such as wicker or reed, which are very resistant and can support large amounts of weight.

Nowadays, many people use Portuguese baskets to do their shopping, as they are a much more ecological and even economical alternative to plastic bags, as this product can last for decades if properly preserved.

However, many mycology enthusiasts have decided to buy Portuguese baskets to collect and transport the mushrooms and even asparagus that they find during the course of their mycological routes, instead of using the classic wicker baskets or fungimochilas.

This is because Portuguese baskets are more versatile than mushroom baskets, as they not only have hand handles, but also shoulder handles, allowing for different carrying and carrying options. In addition, most of our Portuguese baskets have been handcrafted with esparto grass, which is not only a very light material, but also very resistant and durable.

Therefore, more and more mushroom picking enthusiasts are encouraged to buy Portuguese baskets to carry out this activity, as it is an element that facilitates the performance of this task.

Therefore, if you are looking for Portuguese baskets to pick mushrooms, we recommend you to take a look at the complete catalog of La Casa de las Setas so you can know all the models that we currently have in our online store.

Where to buy baskets online

In La Casa de las Setas, our product store for fans of mycology and fungiculture, you can buy online baskets that have not only a variety of designs, but also economic and affordable prices.

Thus, through our website you can buy baskets online, which have been made by hand, thus supporting the work of small artisans who manufacture their products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying Portuguese baskets online, we recommend you to visit our website to discover all the models that we currently have in our catalog.