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The hobby of looking for mushrooms, like any hobby has a point of frikismo. We like to be noticed that we are mushroom hunters. And what better way to make ourselves known than wearing one of the T-shirts we have designed for you. Exclusive designs designed for mushroom and mycology enthusiasts.

Find your special size and color. From very small sizes XS to the largest 3XL we can print any design. Choose if you want the t-shirt to be in a straight style for men, or a more fitted and fitted t-shirt for women. You will only have to look for the color of the t-shirt you like the most. We take care of printing it and sending it to your home.

What is a mycological t-shirt?

Basically it is a t-shirt. But the design printed on it is a clearly mycological motif. It can be a vintage image of a mushroom slide, a funny design, a photograph, a sporeprint or a slogan. Really any kind of design has a place in our T-shirt collection. The requirement? It must be clearly related to mushrooms, truffles or mycology.

Because a true boletus enthusiast likes to be noticed, and with one of our boletus t-shirts, this objective will be fulfilled.

Types of t-shirt designs

In our online t-shirt store you will find different types of t-shirts: vintage mushroom t-shirts with high quality reproductions of old mushroom prints, funny mushroom t-shirts with funny drawings of mushrooms, design t-shirts with mushroom motifs, t-shirts with illustrations of mushrooms and bolets, t-shirts with mycological logos, ...

Any design that has some relation with our friends will always have a place in our mushroom clothing section. The designs of the shirts are original and exclusive of La Casa de las Setas. Reject imitations

What are the advantages of buying a T-shirt from La Casa de las Setas?

A T-shirt is one of the most used garments nowadays. At La Casa de las Setas we not only strive to design exclusive models, but also to print them on high quality garments, using printing systems that guarantee the durability of the colors and the garment.

We print the garments according to the order, so our delivery time is 5 working days. If you need to receive the garment on a specific date, please contact us and let us know. We will try to speed up the delivery as much as possible to arrive on time.

We sell directly, not through other companies, so we generate business and tax in our country. In addition, you can include several items in your order and you will only have to pay one shipping cost.

Who can use our mycological t-shirts?

Anyone can enjoy our exclusive garments. We offer the possibility to choose between all available sizes, from XS to 3XL. Within our section you can choose between mens and womens models. We even have models of t-shirts or bodysuits for babies from 6 months.

If you are a mycology fan, you like mushrooms, you are looking for a t-shirt as a gift or you simply appreciate a good design, then buying a mushroom t-shirt will be a good choice.

When do I need a T-shirt with mushroom illustrations?

We have already indicated that the use of a T-shirt is very common. It is the most used garment, so you can use it daily. Of course, they have an informal point so perhaps they are more appropriate for leisure days.

A T-shirt is one of the most common gifts. So if you are thinking of giving a gift to a mushroom enthusiast, choosing a mycological t-shirt is one of the best options.

When we go out to the mountain wearing a mushroom t-shirt we identify ourselves with our hobby, and we make public our love for nature, mushrooms and mushrooms. You dont have to be a mushroom picker. Anyone who appreciates boletus, chanterelles, is vegan or vegetarian will appreciate our thoughtful and unique designs. They are also really cool.

You may belong to a mycological group or a mushroom association. Since 2013 we have been collaborating with many associations and printing T-shirts with their logos or commemorative designs. If you are interested in this option, please contact us and we will prepare a custom quote for you.

Where to buy a T-shirt with mushrooms?

We pride ourselves in offering exclusive and completely original designs. Therefore the only way to get them is through our online t-shirt store lacasadelassetas.com

You may find other similar t-shirts, everything is copied on the internet, but you will only find the original ones in our store specialized in mushrooms and fungi

What is the price of our t-shirts?

In our online store we only sell high quality products, and in our selection of T-shirts with mushroom illustrations we take great care of this detail. Our garments are of high quality, with vivid and durable colors. The printing we offer on our mushroom t-shirts is of high quality as well.

We are aware that the market demands adjusted t-shirt prices, so you will find models of shirts with cheap mushrooms to some design that requires a different finish, but in no case are crazy prices, in line with what you can find in other online t-shirt stores.

Dare to give a t-shirt as a gift, youre sure to get it right