Wicker baskets

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Wicker baskets have been traditionally used for the collection of mushrooms, mushrooms, boletus, ... This natural fiber is ideal for the care and transport of mushrooms. It is light, resistant and when intertwined it allows air to pass through, allowing a perfect aeration for the mushrooms.

In the House of Mushrooms we have selected those models of wicker baskets for mushrooms more appropriate for the collection of mushrooms, niscalos, boletus, ... You can find models of wicker mushroom baskets of the best national artisans.

We have the most traditional models (mushroom basket, niscalera basket, ...) in all sizes to suit your pace and style of collection, from models of wicker baskets for children to large models

If you are interested in buying a wicker basket, you will find models of wicker baskets for mushrooms decorated with various types of wicker, varnished or natural, .... From cheap wicker baskets to more elaborate wicker baskets.

Wicker baskets

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If you want to give a basket for a mycology and mushroom enthusiast, you will surely find it in our selection of wicker baskets, you will surely find it in our selection of baskets

If you are wondering how to choose a basket for foraging mushrooms, you will already know that, together with chestnut baskets, wicker baskets are one of the best choices for transporting boletus, chanterelles and other mushrooms. Why are mushrooms transported in baskets? Its very simple, besides being a breathable container, they allow the dispersion of the spores. The spores of mushrooms are like their seeds and while we transport them we are helping to sow mushrooms in the bush and we contribute to their reproduction.

There are different types of wicker, buff, natural, white, black, ... but the technique to make a wicker basket is similar. The wicker is interwoven to create a resistant weave. In addition to allowing the mushrooms to breathe, a good wicker basket is strong enough to be used as a support. This is why it is important to use top quality wicker.

In addition to using a wicker basket to collect mushrooms, it can be used for multiple purposes, a picnic basket, a shopping basket or even a wicker basket for decoration. The possibilities of use are wide. In addition, the wicker artisans we work with ensure the creation of high quality and durable wicker baskets.

Within the range of wicker baskets of La Casa de las Setas, you will find small wicker baskets, medium wicker baskets and large or professional size wicker baskets. You are sure to find yours if you want to buy a basket. Supporting traditional basketry also helps to keep alive lifelong crafts. As for the ideal shape of a wicker basket, it depends on the style of each mushroom hunter. You can find short handle wicker baskets, reinforced wicker basket, square wicker basket, rectangular, ...

If you do not know where to buy a wicker basket, choose the mushroom baskets we have in our catalog, you will not be disappointed. You will enjoy a high quality wicker basket and also with these tips you can keep the wicker basket as the first day. As for the price of a mushroom basket, in our basketry section you will find from cheap wicker baskets to more elaborate baskets, woven with various types of wicker, varnished wicker baskets, ... You will not find a selection of wicker baskets like this, guaranteed!

Wicker basketry

This ancient material, as well as being environmentally friendly, grows naturally in many areas. For this reason, it has long been used to manufacture different elements: wicker trunks, wicker trays, furniture and armchairs, agricultural implements and especially baskets.

In pre-industrial times, this type of basket was a common element for transporting any object, food, fruit, firewood, ..... The use that has been subsequently given to transport mushrooms has been supervening, although there is no doubt that it is the best material to fulfill this objective

The advantages of wicker are many. It is a light, breathable and ductile material. It has good resistance and a more than acceptable durability. In addition, it is not easily attacked by insects, so the elements made of wicker withstand the passage of time well.

Although there are fewer and fewer wicker craftsmen left, this trade was one of the main ones a few decades ago and there was no locality that did not have its own craftsmen.

For the manufacture of wicker baskets for mushrooms, different types of wicker are used: buff, white, natural, green or unpeeled... Each of them provides different characteristics in terms of firmness, color, lightness, ... But all the mushroom baskets made with wicker have the qualities that we ask of every basket. Lightness, resistance, breathability and good capacity.

But not only wicker has been used for baskets. The great tradition of basket weaving has led to the use in each place of materials that grow in an autochthonous way. Thus we can find chestnut baskets, cane baskets, esparto baskets, rattan, jute and a long list of natural fabrics.

If we think about the work that goes into making a wicker basket and also the price of a basket, we will come to the conclusion that buying a wicker basket is a good investment. It takes many hours to create a basket, hours of craftsmanship which is becoming increasingly scarce, hours of collecting the wicker and preparing it for further work. We can say that if we analyze the prices of wicker baskets we will realize that we are making a good purchase. And we are also helping to maintain old trades and to revitalize rural areas.

We work with the best artisans and if you need any special basket, shape or size, just contact us.

In La Casa de las Setas we are specialists in wicker baskets. You will find the largest selection of models, all ideal for harvesting. You will also find a variety of prices, from cheap wicker baskets to exclusive custom-made models. From different artisans, made with different types of wicker and dimensions, with handles of various shapes, more or less light, with more or less capacity ... but all perfect for filling them with boletus or perrechicos