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Discover our wide selection of baskets for mushrooms. All our mushroom and fungus baskets allow for spore dispersal while you're out in the woods and keep the mushrooms in perfect condition. At La Casa de las Setas, we are passionate about this hobby and have selected the best national artisans whose models best adapt to mushroom gathering due to their characteristics.

If you're looking to buy a cheap mushroom basket, you'll find models of mushroom baskets at all prices and sizes. Surely you'll find the mushroom picking basket that best suits your gathering style!

Wicker Hampers

Wicker hampers crafted by artisan basket weavers, using only first-rate wicker. Works of wicker craftsmanship. In our online basketry shop, you'll find any type of wicker basket, of all shapes and sizes.

Wicker Baskets with Lids

Wicker baskets with lids add a touch of functionality and style to your daily life. These adjustable lids not only securely protect your belongings but also add an attractive aesthetic element. Designed to complement the natural beauty of wicker, these baskets are not only practical accessories but also elegant pieces that suit any occasion. Discover how wicker baskets with lids can offer a versatile and charming solution for your storage and transportation needs, adding a touch of elegance to every step. Perfect for picnics, these lidded baskets are ideal for stylishly and comfortably carrying your food and utensils.

Accessories for Your Wicker Basket

Explore our selection of accessories designed to enhance and personalize your wicker basket. With adjustable lids, straps and fastening tapes, scales, and more, you can optimize your user experience. Adjustable lids protect your belongings while straps and tapes provide comfort and security during transportation. Also, add functionality with scales to measure your harvests accurately. These accessories not only add practicality but also allow you to adapt your basket to your specific needs, providing an even more complete and personalized experience. Discover how these accessories can make your wicker basket even more versatile and functional.

Which Wicker Basket to Buy?

We help you choose the best wicker basket

We help you find the perfect basket for you. With our variety of options, from discounted baskets to those with specific shapes and sizes, we're here to make your choice easier. Discover the charm and versatility of our wicker baskets, designed to suit your needs and preferences. Explore our selection and find the ideal basket that will complement your lifestyle and meet your expectations.

We simplify your choice of wicker baskets, offering irresistible deals as well as options with specific shapes and sizes. We assist you in finding the perfect basket tailored to your needs and preferences. Explore our selection and discover the versatility and charm of our wicker baskets, designed to complement your lifestyle. With options for all tastes, we make finding your ideal basket simple and satisfying. Find the perfect companion for your daily activities among our diverse and attractive options, ensuring functionality and style with each choice.

Cheap Wicker Baskets

Discover our most affordable models

Affordable wicker baskets at La Casa de las Setas. By exploring the balance between practicality and style, our affordable wicker baskets stand out as the perfect choice for those who value quality at an affordable price. Immerse yourself in the durability and elegance of our most accessible models, designed to enrich your daily life without exceeding your budget. Do not compromise quality for price; with our affordable options, fully enjoy the versatility and style they offer, without risking your wallet. Find the ideal basket for your daily needs and experience functionality and aesthetics at a cost that fits your everyday life.

Choose the Perfect Size for Your Wicker Basket

Choosing the size of the basket is crucial for its usefulness in everyday life. It is not the same to use a basket to organize items at home as it is to carry large objects. Size becomes essential in this context. If we are only organizing a few items, they will be better protected in a small basket. Trying to always use an extremely large basket will only cause discomfort when carrying it and may take up too much space.

On the other hand, opting for a basket that is too small can be frustrating, as it will require multiple trips or limit the number of objects we can carry. The key is to be realistic and consider what type and quantity of objects we plan to use in our daily activities. They are not always filled completely.

We can classify a basket as small if it is up to 35 cm, a medium basket will be between 35-50 cm, and we will consider large or professional size any that exceeds 50 cm in length. Ultimately, choosing the right size ensures an efficient and comfortable user experience in our daily activities.

Small Wicker Baskets

Medium Wicker Baskets

Large Wicker Baskets

Shapes of Wicker Baskets You Can Find

We have organized our wicker baskets by shapes to make your purchase easier

Do you want to buy a wicker basket with a specific shape? Oval, square, or rectangular wicker baskets not only offer greater capacity but also optimally utilize space during transportation in the car. On the other hand, round wicker baskets find their prominent place in floral decoration. What is the purpose you will give to your basket? In our selection of mushroom baskets, we have organized these artisanal gems according to their shape, making it easier for you to find the one that best suits your needs. Whether for gathering, decoration, or transportation, each shape has its specific function. Explore our variety and choose the basket that will perfectly complement your experience, offering you both functionality and a distinctive aesthetic touch.

Oval Wicker Baskets

The Most Popular Baskets

Oval wicker baskets are a charming option that combines elegance and utility. With their soft, curved design, these baskets stand out for their aesthetic appeal and practical versatility. Their oval shape adds a touch of sophistication, making them standout pieces in any space. The craftsmanship behind these baskets highlights the skill of wicker makers, creating unique works of art. In addition to their visual appeal, the oval shape makes them ideal for transporting delicate objects, avoiding sharp corners and allowing for a harmonious arrangement of contents. Their versatility makes them exceptional decorative options, merging the aesthetic with the practical in a unique way. In summary, oval wicker baskets are a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality, adding a distinctive touch to any situation.

Rectangular Wicker Baskets

Rectangular or square wicker baskets stand out for their clean lines and solid structures, providing a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality. Designed to maximize space utilization, these baskets are ideal for organizing objects or presenting products with a touch of order and sophistication. Their structured shape allows for efficient arrangement, optimizing available space. Whether at home, in a store, or an exhibition space, these baskets add a touch of order and elegance, highlighting wicker as a versatile and stylized material. In summary, rectangular or square wicker baskets are the ideal choice for those seeking an aesthetic and practical solution, offering order and sophistication to any environment.

Round Wicker Baskets

Ideal Baskets for Decoration

Round wicker baskets, classic and timeless, present a circular design that goes beyond mere aesthetic appeal, offering ample and accessible space for various applications. Their simplicity and functionality make them emblematic pieces of traditional basketry. These baskets are not only visually appealing but also highly practical, being perfect for activities such as gathering, storage, or even decorative purposes. Their circular shape provides a harmonious arrangement of contents, while the craftsmanship employed in their making highlights the beauty of wicker as a material. In summary, round wicker baskets witness the balance between tradition and utility, being versatile and charming in their simplicity.

Wicker Backpacks

Comfort with Wicker on Your Back

Wicker backpacks represent a fascinating fusion of functionality and craftsmanship, standing out as a contemporary choice for various purposes. Beyond being merely practical for carrying personal items, these portable baskets are a valuable aid in agricultural or gathering activities. Their versatile design allows for comfortably and elegantly carrying the essentials, while the craftsmanship employed in their making highlights the beauty of wicker as a material. These backpacks embody the convergence between the tradition of basketry and the modern demands of mobility. In summary, wicker backpacks not only fulfill their practical function but also bear witness to the adaptability of craftsmanship to contemporary needs.

Other Wicker Baskets

Log baskets, double baskets, and snail baskets

Basketry unfolds its maximum creativity in unique shapes such as log baskets, double baskets, and snail baskets. These unconventional options reveal specific solutions for particular needs, highlighting the versatility and exceptional craftsmanship of wicker. Log baskets, designed to contain and transport firewood in an organized manner, show how functionality can merge with distinctive design. On the other hand, double baskets offer separate compartments, ideal for classifying and transporting various objects. Snail baskets, with their unique shape, add a decorative touch while being functional. Each of these unique shapes not only satisfies specific needs but also celebrates the craftsmanship that transforms wicker into exceptional and authentic pieces.

Wicker Baskets for Mushrooms, Essential in Your Equipment

Wicker baskets have traditionally been used for mushroom, fungi, boletus, etc., gathering and are an ideal natural fiber for the care and transport of mushrooms. Lightweight, durable, and artisanal, when interwoven, they allow air to pass through the middle, providing perfect aeration for the mushrooms.

At La Casa de las Setas, we always think of you, which is why we have selected the most suitable wicker mushroom basket models for gathering all types of mushrooms: marzuelos, colmenillas, níscalos, boletus... and the best part: you can find wicker mushroom basket models from the best national artisans!

Additionally, we have the most traditional models (mushroom basket or níscalo basket) in different sizes. Many of these mushroom baskets are made with various types of wicker, and even varnished or purely natural. We also have wicker baskets for children, so if you're thinking of buying a wicker basket, you can find one that best suits your gathering pace and style: from cheap wicker baskets to more elaborate basketry models.

Other Uses for Your Wicker Basket

Discover the versatility of your little basket

Wicker baskets are resilient and charming, making them ideal for both mushroom gathering and rustic decoration in the home and weddings. Their breathable and durable design makes them perfect companions for gathering excursions. Additionally, they add warmth and style to any space, from home to bridal events, serving as unique decorative elements. These baskets, beyond their practical function, enhance special moments with their natural grace and charm.

Your wicker basket is a versatile piece that goes beyond decorative charm. Use it for stylish storage, organizing magazines, blankets, or toys charmingly. Opt for sustainable shopping by taking it to the market instead of plastic bags. Enjoy stylish picnics by turning it into the perfect accessory for carrying food and utensils. Turn it into your gardening kit, keeping tools accessible. Also, fill the basket with artisanal products to create an original and special gift. Discover the charming versatility of your wicker basket in everyday life.

Wicker Baskets for Decoration

Wicker baskets for decoration are the perfect choice to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your space. Their versatility makes them ideal decorative elements for any home style. From serving as attractive containers for plants and flowers to charming organizers for toys or textiles, these baskets bring warmth and texture to the decor. Their unique craftsmanship and the natural beauty of wicker make them stand out as authentic decorative pieces. Discover how wicker baskets can transform your home, merging traditional charm with contemporary and functional style. Turn every corner into a cozy and aesthetically pleasing space with these versatile and charming baskets.

Wicker Baskets for Weddings

Wicker baskets for weddings add a charming and elegant touch to your bridal celebration. Ideal for a rustic or bohemian aesthetic, these versatile baskets adapt to various functions at your wedding. From serving as original ring bearers to decorative containers for favors and gifts, wicker baskets bring a nostalgic and welcoming element. Their exceptional craftsmanship and natural beauty make them charming accessories that not only serve a practical function but also enhance the unique aesthetic of your special day. Discover how these baskets can contribute to creating memorable moments at your wedding, blending tradition with a contemporary touch.

Types of Natural Wicker

These are the natural fibers used in traditional wicker basketry

Basketry, an ancient and functional art form, finds in wicker one of its most versatile and prized materials. The choice of wicker type is essential as it influences the strength, flexibility, and final appearance of the woven pieces. There are different types of wicker: buff, natural, white, black... but the technique for making a wicker basket is similar. The wicker is woven to create a sturdy fabric. And a good wicker basket (in addition to allowing the mushrooms to breathe) has enough strength for us to use it as support. Therefore, it is very important to always use first-rate wicker. Here are the main types of wicker used.

Natural Wicker

Natural wicker, an extraordinary natural fiber, stands out for its versatility in basketry. Coming from various species of wickers, this material stands out for its flexibility and strength. Basketry in natural wicker represents an artistic expression that maximizes the qualities of this fiber, creating unique and durable pieces. Skill in basketry is manifested in weaving and intertwining the wicker with skill, shaping baskets of different styles and sizes. At La Casa de las Setas, we offer a carefully selected range of natural wicker for those who appreciate the quality and authenticity of artisanal basketry.

We recommend this white wicker basket

Buff Wicker

Buff wicker, a variant of wickers dyed to achieve a warm and aged tone, adds a special charm to basketry. This natural fiber, skillfully crafted in basketry, brings to life unique and timeless pieces. Basketry in buff wicker stands out for its ability to convey nostalgia and authenticity through artisanal baskets. Exploring the variety of wicker types, such as buff wicker, is immersing oneself in the rich tradition of basketry and appreciating the beauty of natural fibers transformed into functional works of art.

We recommend this buff wicker basket

Black Wicker

Black wicker, a type of natural fiber increasingly used in baskets, adds a modern and elegant touch to the pieces. Dyed to achieve its dark and deep tone, this type of wicker offers a striking contrast in artisanal basketry. The natural fiber of black wicker becomes the perfect raw material for creating baskets that merge tradition with modernity. At La Casa de las Setas, we value the richness of wicker types, such as black wicker, that allow basketry enthusiasts to explore new aesthetic and functional dimensions.

We recommend this black wicker basket

Green Wicker

Rustic-looking wicker. Unpeeled green wicker, with its intact bark, presents a unique option in basketry. This wicker variant stands out for its natural and organic appearance, preserving the authenticity of the natural fiber in its purest state. Basketry in unpeeled green wicker reveals the raw beauty of this fiber, offering pieces that convey a special connection with nature. Expert weavings in basketry shape baskets that reflect the skill and creativity of artisans. Discover at La Casa de las Setas the magic of working with unpeeled green wicker and immerse yourself in the artisanal tradition of basketry.

We recommend this green wicker basket

Traditional Wicker Basketry

Where to Buy Wicker Baskets? Traditional Basketry or Online Basketry

In the search for traditional wicker basketries, the current reality presents us with a challenging landscape, as this ancient craft is fading, making finding physical basketries in cities like Madrid or Barcelona increasingly difficult. However, a powerful alternative emerges: online basketry. This option gains strength in a digitized world, offering an accessible and convenient solution. In this context, La Casa de las Setas stands out as a reference. With an extensive stock, backed by years of experience, we become the preferred choice for those seeking exceptional wicker baskets.

Buying wicker baskets online presents significant advantages. The convenience of exploring a wide variety of products from your home, along with the ease of comparing options, becomes decisive factors. La Casa de las Setas not only offers these advantages but also provides quality service backed by basketry experts. Opting for online basketry not only preserves tradition but also adapts to modern demands, providing a unique and satisfying shopping experience.

We ship wicker baskets in stock in 24/48h

At La Casa de las Setas, we ship our wicker baskets in stock in just 24/48 hours; we strive to provide you with the best. We work with top basketry artisans, selecting each basket for its strength and durability. Simply choose the model that suits your gathering style, and we will deliver it directly to your address. With La Casa de las Setas, quality is within your reach, combined with fast and efficient service. Simplify your shopping experience and enjoy exceptional baskets in record time. It's that easy!

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