Dehydrators and dryers

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Mushroom dehydrators, electric and traditional dryers

Besides going out to the mountains to look for mushrooms, mushrooms, boletus, ... one of the most widespread hobbies is cooking mushrooms, the mico gastronomy. Fresh mushrooms are a delight, but mushrooms have the advantage that we can eat them all year round.

We can dehydrate mushrooms for later consumption. If during a trip to the mountains you have collected 1 kg of chanterelles or boletus, you have no problem to consume the mushrooms quickly or dry them in any container. But ... what if you have collected a large number of mushrooms during your trip?

We offer you mushroom dehydrators and mushroom dryers so that you will have no problem drying mushrooms at home.

We offer you drying racks to dry mushrooms and mushrooms in the sun or electric dehydrators to dry mushrooms and mushrooms comfortably at home

If you like cooking and you like mushrooms, these drying racks are a must in your mushroom equipment. Do not hesitate and decide to buy a mushroom dehydrator

Food and mushroom dehydrators have become increasingly used in our kitchens. As their name suggests, they remove moisture and water from the composition of the food in order to preserve it better and for longer periods of time. This aspect is fundamental for mushrooms, where almost 90% of their content is water. Almost all mushrooms can be preserved dehydrated, so buying a mushroom and food dehydrator is almost essential for a collector of boletus, niscalos and other types of edible mushrooms.

What is a mushroom and food dehydrator for?

Although traditionally foods, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables have been dehydrated in the sun, drying them with heat and natural ventilation. The technique of how to dehydrate foods in the sun is millenary and consists of eliminating excess moisture and water from foods to preserve them and to be able to consume them in times of scarcity or out of season. This type of food was widely used during the great navigations that could last several months and where it was necessary to be able to transport durable food.

How does a mushroom and food dehydrator work?

For some time now, electric dehydrators for fruits and vegetables have appeared that accelerate this process by applying a low and constant temperature. This temperature is normally between 30º and 65º and achieves a dehydration or drying of the food in much less time and in a homogeneous way.

What foods can I dry with a food dehydrator?

For mushroom lovers it is obvious, since there are many species of mushrooms that can be dried, boletus, morels, morels, mushrooms, trumpets, ... but there are many other types of food that can be dried with a dehydrator:

sliced and sliced vegetables, fruits, meats and fish, ... even yogurts can be made in some models!

What types of dryers or dehydrators can you find?

Electric dehydrators are undoubtedly the most demanded by mushroom enthusiasts, although they are not the only ones. In La Casa de las Setas we have selected a wide range of natural drying racks, grids and drying nets so that without the help of electricity we can dry a good quantity of mushrooms in a reduced space. You only have to place these mushroom dryers in a ventilated place and you will get in a few days a good amount of dehydrated mushrooms

But if we talk about electric food dehydrators, the range expands and in our section you can find from cheap electric dehydrator models to a professional electric dehydrator much more complete and with a large capacity. Ideal for large collectors or catering professionals.

Which model to choose, dryer or dehydrator?

The economic factor is determinant since if we look for a cheap mushroom dryer you can find grids for less than 10 €, although our recommendation is to opt for an electric dehydrator of food and mushrooms since the result of the dehydrated obtained is much better and you can find some model for little more than 35 €