Bags and nets

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Special mushroom netting and folding bags

Practical folding bags made of mesh fabric to facilitate spore dispersion. Choose from our different models of mushroom nets adapted to the collection of mushrooms and wild fruits.

From lightweight mesh bags that fit in a pocket, foldable bags with internal dividers, foldable baskets or mesh backpacks.

You can use them as an extra basket in case the wicker basket you carry is full of mushrooms, or simply as a multipurpose basket (picnic, shopping, ...) Find the model that best suits your style. From cheap mushroom bags to large mesh backpacks

As all our models are foldable, you can carry them anywhere in your backpack to look for mushrooms, in your car, ...

You never know when you are going to find a patch of chanterelles or milk caps with our mushroom netting you will always be ready to pick mushrooms and fungi

The netting, mesh bags and foldable mesh baskets are an alternative to the traditional mushroom baskets. Although they are more flimsy than chestnut baskets or wicker baskets, they fulfill their purpose perfectly, which is to transport the mushrooms that we collect and allow the spores to spread in the bush.

A collection net is the perfect choice when we have to transport them inside a mushroom backpack, carry them in a pocket or store them folded in the car or at home without taking up much space. In the section of nets and bags for mushrooms you will find all kinds of models, from super lightweight folding nets to folding nylon and aluminum baskets of greater capacity. All of them comply with the current regulations for mushroom picking.

Folding baskets or mushroom nets are the ideal complement to expand the collection capacity of our mushroom basket. They are also very useful when we go for a walk in the mountains and we do not know if we are going to find any type of mushroom. We can carry them folded without taking up space and if we are lucky enough to find some mushrooms we can unfold them and use them.

Within the different mushroom nets that we have in our section of baskets and nets, we will also find models that incorporate interior separators, to be able to separate the different species of mushrooms that we find if we have collected a species of mushroom for its study.

If you want to buy a folding basket or a mesh you will find that they have a lower price than a traditional basket. We have selected from a cheap mushroom net to exclusive models of nets and folding baskets that you can only buy in La Casa de las Setas