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The gayatos, also known as clubs or cachavas, are walking sticks that are characterized both by their particular design, which has a curvature at the top, and for being a tool specially designed for activities in the bush or in the mountains.

Thus, the gayatos are widely used both for walks in the countryside and for hiking or mushroom picking, as this type of cane gives us more balance to move through mountainous areas with greater comfort and safety.

For this reason, more and more people decide to buy wooden walking sticks for their outings in the mountains, since this instrument even allows us to move stones and branches that are in our way with great ease; allowing us to move through forests and meadows with greater comfort.

However, before buying wooden walking sticks, it is necessary to weigh a series of characteristics in order to choose the model that best suits our needs and preferences:

  • Manufacturing material

In the market we can find a great variety of walking sticks that have been handcrafted with beech, oak or even reeds. However, chestnut wood poles are the most popular, since this type of wood is quite flexible and resistant, thus presenting excellent properties for walking in mountain areas.

  • Size

Gayatos are not telescopic poles, so their height cannot be adjusted, nor can they be folded. Therefore, it is of vital importance that when buying gayatos we take into account its length, choosing a model that allows our elbow to form a 90º angle when we rest its toe on the ground.

  • Style

Although the gayatos stand out for the curved shape of its handle, we can find other types of wooden walking sticks that have a similar design, but with another type of handle. Thus, in our store you can find from walking sticks for picking mushrooms with a club to others that even include a compass in the handle area.

Where to buy wooden walking sticks

In La Casa de las Setas, our online store for mycology enthusiasts, we offer a wide variety of wooden walking sticks with which you can perform different outdoor leisure activities in the countryside or in the mountains.

Therefore, if you want to buy walking sticks for mushroom picking or for all kinds of hiking trails, we recommend that you take a complete look at our catalog to see all the models that we currently have on our website.