Baskets with lids

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Baskets with lids

Wicker baskets with lids, chestnut baskets with lids, mushroom baskets with lids

Selection of our models of mushroom baskets with lids. You can find models of wicker basket and chestnut baskets with lids of the same material or made of resistant nylon.

The advantage of using a mushroom basket with lids is that they protect the mushrooms and mushrooms during transport, preventing them from deteriorating.

If you are looking for baskets with lids to look for mushrooms you can choose among our models, all of them handmade with wicker and chestnut of first quality. Available in various sizes to suit your picking style, baskets with lids and handle, mushroom baskets to carry hanging ,

If you want to give a mushroom basket as a gift, our models with lids will make you get it right for sure!

If you are a mushroom forager you will already know the advantages of using wicker baskets for mushrooms . Using wicker baskets and chestnut baskets are the best way to transport boletus, niscalos and other mushrooms in the bush. But sometimes we need a basket to be completely closed. For this reason, in the house of mushrooms we have included a section of mushroom foraging baskets with lid

A wicker basket with lid like this one, besides allowing us to carry the mushrooms protected, allows us to secure them in case they fall. In addition, wicker baskets with lids protect the interior from lack of humidity, so the appearance of the mushrooms when you get home will be much better. A wicker basket with lids will also avoid knowing the contents of the basket if we need for some reason not to show the contents.

The current decoration uses more and more handcrafted objects made with wicker and other natural fibers, since in addition to looking for mushrooms can be used wicker baskets to decorate corners of your room, as a picnic basket, or even to make the daily shopping.

In our section of baskets for mushrooms we wanted to give importance to the wicker baskets with lids as they are increasingly demanded by fans of mushrooms and fungi. You can find different models of all sizes, baskets made with buff wicker, natural wicker or white wicker. We also have models with nylon lids in mimetic or camouflage colors. Not all the baskets with lids are made of wicker, we also have models of chestnut basket with lids and some models of basket to hang on the shoulder, very comfortable to carry

If you are interested in buying a basket for mushrooms with lids , in our section of baskets of mushroom material you will find a great variety of models and of all the prices, from cheap wicker baskets with lids , simpler to more elaborated models with nylon pockets to transport the rest of your equipment to look for mushrooms : knife, drink, gps, . ..