Tranchete knives

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Tranchete knife ideal for mushroom picking

Find in this section all the models of pruning knives or tranchete knives for mushroom picking. This classic model has been traditionally used in agricultural work for pruning branches, since the special shape of the blade of the knife, with a curved edge, makes it adapt perfectly to the circular shape of the stems and branches.

This curved shape is the same as the shape of the mushrooms feet, so when you cut a mushroom with a clasp knife, the cut is clean and easy to make, keeping the mushroom in perfect condition.

The curved shape of these knives, and the wide variety of sizes of our tranchete knives for mushrooms, make these models of mushroom knives the most appropriate for the collection of mushrooms with short feet, such as chanterelles or oyster mushrooms, species of mushrooms that grow at ground level.

Harvesting chanterelles or similar species is extremely easy with these mushroom knives. Just slide the blade parallel to the base of the mushroom and it will be cut cleanly.

This type of knives are ideal for outings where we know that there are a large number of mushrooms or when we know that we are going to collect only lactarius or pleorotus eryngii mushrooms.

We have mushroom knives with a curved edge, tranchete type, of all sizes. From the most compact with blades starting at 6 cm, to very professional models with a 10.5 cm blade. No mushroom will be able to resist the cut of these special mushroom knives.

If you are looking to buy a cheap mushroom knife, these models are ideal, although in our selection of knives and knives for mushrooms you will find models to suit all styles and budgets

If we talk about special knives for mushrooming, we can find many models. Surely if you have seen our selection of mushroom knives you have already noticed! But within the types that there are we could define two large groups, the knives that incorporate a brush for cleaning mushrooms, boletus and mushrooms, and the tranchete knives.

What are the tranchete knives?

This type of curved-edge knives have been traditionally used for agricultural and harvesting tasks. Their particular shape of a small sickle facilitates the cutting of the fruit or plant to be harvested. By sliding the blade of the knife we make a smooth cut that facilitates the harvesting of fruits.

Who can use a clasp knife?

As they are agricultural tools, it is the field workers, farmers and collectors who are going to be the main users of tranchete knives, although in our case, we have selected this type of tranchete knife for what we are specialized in La Casa de las Setas, the collection of mushrooms.

How do you use a pocket knife to collect mushrooms?

The curved shape of these knives allows us to slide the knife at ground level to get a clean cut at the foot of the mushroom. Within the different types of mushrooms, there are some very specific mushrooms that grow very close to the ground and have a short foot. It is for this type of mushrooms where the use of a tranchete knife is more recommended. We are talking about mushrooms such as chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, carlets or higrophorus russula and many others. With our tranchete knives you will be able to collect them in an easy and clean way.

What are the different types of tranchete knives?

Although the shape of the blade is the main characteristic of this type of mushroom knife, there are other elements that differentiate them from each other. Thus, we will find tranchetes of different sizes, from the simplest models with a less pronounced curvature to large models with a wide curvature. The greater the curvature, the easier it is to cut, but the less possibility of being able to use this knife for other uses. There are even models with a serrated blade for cutting branches or more resistant materials or a model of knife for asparagus harvesting with a long handle

Where to buy a tranchete knife?

If youre looking for a good pocket knife in La Casa de las Setas you will find the largest selection. We work with the best national and imported manufacturers, Albainox, Opinel, Aitor, Magic Mountain, Fox, ... Regarding the price of a pocket knife, you can find from a cheap pocket knife to handmade or more exclusive models of large size and that include leather sheath and sharpener.

Surely you will find your pocketknife!