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Cosmetics made with medicinal mushrooms

The benefits of some medicinal mushrooms as a way to increase the bodys defenses have been described for thousands of years in books on traditional Chinese medicine . Traditionally these mushrooms have been ingested through infusions or by adding them to food to help our organism assimilate their benefits, but thanks to the work of important laboratories specialized in the cultivation and elaboration of mushroom extracts , cosmetic products have been developed that incorporate these extracts in their compositions. In this way, their therapeutic properties are assimilated by the skin, and it is the skin that really notices them. It is well known that the skin is the reflection of the soul and health! If you are thinking of buying cosmetics with medicinal mushrooms in this section you will find from MicoSerums made with reishi extract, to handmade hand soaps, which in addition to decorate the sink provide nutrients and benefits to the skin.

Protect your skin with cosmetics with mushrooms