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Meters and measuring devices

Weather stations, PH meters, moisture meters, hygrometers, soil thermometers, microscopes and magnifying glasses

Being able to know rainfall data, temperature, humidity before organizing an outing for mushrooms, or simply know exactly the weight of our catches are some of the tasks that technology facilitates when we apply it to our hobby of mushrooms and boletus. In our section of meters you can find a variety of electronic devices that will facilitate this and other tasks.

We put at your disposal a variety of measuring devices: soil thermometers to know the exact temperature of the soil, there are mushrooms that only grow when the soil temperature reaches a certain temperature. PH meters to know the degree of acidity of a certain area. Some edible mushrooms such as boletus only grow in acidic soils so measuring the PH is important to ensure success in our outings to the mountain

Microscopes to expand knowledge of the different species of mushrooms and fungi. We have both portable models for use in the field and USB to perform studies comfortably at home.

Weather stations, to know all the climatological variants, rainfall, wind speed, temperature, ...

Scales to know exactly the amount of boletus, chanterelles, mushrooms and fungi that we have collected. Keep in mind that most mycological preserves limit the amount of mushrooms collected per person per day.

Digital rain gauges, hygrometers, anemometers, .... Technology applied to the knowledge and cultivation of mushrooms and fungi

Nowadays technology has advanced a lot in all fields helping to improve production processes and analysis in many industrial sectors. But it has not only helped the industry, but we can also use technology to search for mushrooms or to grow mushrooms at home.

All edible mushrooms bear fruit depending on various environmental factors, such as rainfall, soil type, climatic and humidity conditions. Using different measuring devices or gauges we can study these fundamental aspects for the fructification of boletus, chanterelles or cultivated mushrooms.

What types of gauges help in the cultivation and harvesting of mushrooms?

There are many types of meters for mushrooms, from a soil thermometer to a weather station to control different climatic aspects or a soil PH meter. But they can not only help us to study mushroom reproduction. They can also help us to control the characteristics of the mushrooms, such as microscopes or their morphological characteristics, such as magnifying glasses, weights, ...

How do gauges help to study mushrooms?

We have already listed the types of meters and technological devices focused on mycology, but now we must know how to use a meter for mushrooms, since the types are many and varied.

There are different types of PH meters, which will help us to know the PH of the soil where we are going to look for mushrooms or where we decide to grow mushrooms. There are some species that are very capricious in this sense and will only appear in certain types of PH. Within the types of soil PH meter, in the meters section of La Casa de las Setas we will find both digital and analog PH meters. Normally associated with a hygrometer.

A moisture meter or hygrometer is also an excellent mycological measuring device. It will help us to understand the soil moisture point and will be tremendously useful when we want to grow mushrooms or oyster mushrooms.

Without rain there are no mushrooms and without a control of the quantity of mushrooms fallen we will not be able to know the optimal moment for our trips to the mountain to look for edible mushrooms. There are different models of rain gauges or rain gauges, from the classic rain measuring containers to modern digital rain gauges capable of connecting to our computer.

Mushrooms and temperature are closely linked, so using a soil thermometer will be very important to know for sure if the temperature of the soil is the right one for some mushrooms such as sable or chanterelles. In the types of field thermometers that we have in this section you will find from simple thermometers to modern digital thermometers able to help us to know the temperature in a fast and reliable way.

Magnifying glasses and microscopes to study mushrooms

We have all started in this world knowing a few species and we all end up expanding our knowledge, studying books and mushroom guides to know new species and learn to differentiate them. Using a microscope will help us enormously in this task. This model of USB x1000 microscope will allow us to visualize on the screen the microscopic characteristics of a mushroom, although there is this small field microscope that will help us to first field analysis. They are undoubtedly one of the most demanded meters

Do not collect more mushrooms than allowed, use a weight for your basket

The mycological reserves are the order of the day and in almost all of them a limit of captures per day is established. Using a weight to know exactly the amount collected will help us to avoid a possible penalty, so do not miss it. You will find several models all useful for this purpose.

Where to buy meters and measuring devices for mushrooms?

The answer is clear, you will not find a selection as varied as that of La Casa de las Setas, and if you are looking for a good price on equipment to look for mushrooms as for meters and other items we have the best. Do not hesitate to buy your meter in your trusted mushroom store