Guide to Cerrato mushrooms and 14 cooking recipes

Guide to Cerrato mushrooms and 14 recipes L. SANTOS DEL BLANCO

<p> Guide of the Mushrooms of Cerrato, Palencia. Covers the territory of the Cerrato Palentino region.

Descriptive cards of 90 catalogued species, with updated texts on identification, habitat, etc. Practical guide for mushroom pickers: recommendations, equipment, dangers, etc. Basic guide to mushroom cultivation. Includes 14 recipes of traditional and modern cuisine


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The mycological bookstore of La Casa de las Setas incorporates this new title, Guía de Setas del Cerrato (Guide of Mushrooms of Cerrato)

Guide of Mushrooms of Cerrato and 15 Cooking Recipes

This publication is intended to be a simple guide, aimed at people who want to take their first steps in the world of mycology. However, I hope that it will also be of interest to those people with more experience, since the subject is approached from a point of view more plain, personal and independent of what is usually found in this type of guides. With this I intend to banish the most common doubts that arise among hobbyists and that sometimes are not completely resolved.

The most representative species of each ecosystem have been selected so that, if we take the guide with us on our field trips, we will be able to identify most of the species we find. There is therefore a certain number of species that due to their rarity or the difficulty of their classification without a microscope have not been included in this guide. Little is still known about the biology of fungi: species that are usually rare appear abundantly from time to time, species more typical of other climates may appear where they had never been observed before, other species common years ago seem to be in regression...

Let this warning serve as a relative understanding of everything that is written in this guide and as an invitation to get to know our environment more closely.

By making known the mushrooms of our region I would like to help the population to value them and consider them as one more part of what they are, one more part of Nature.

Features Guide to Mushrooms of Cerrato and 15 Recipes for Cooking:

  • Authors: Luis Santos del Blanco, Rufo de Miguel Esteban
  • Reference: 01112
  • Size: 13,5 x 21,5 cm
  • Pages: 144
  • Photographs: More than 150
  • ISBN: 9788493523275