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One of the main dangers when we go out to the mountain to look for mushrooms or mushrooms such as boletus, chanterelles and other species of edible mushrooms, is to get lost or disoriented. It is very easy to lose orientation when you do not know the terrain, when the weather conditions are not appropriate, for example with fog or rain, or simply when we find a few mushrooms and we lose the reference of the road or the track.

Every year there are repeated reports of lost mushroomers, mushroom enthusiasts who have been lost for days.

There are rules that every mushroom enthusiast must respect in order not to get lost in the bush: study the terrain where we are going to go, carry a compass whistle to warn of our position, always go to the bush accompanied or warn of the area we are going to visit, ... Although it is a topic that is always present in the conversations of mushroom enthusiasts, we have all had a scare or two. The solution to not get lost in the bush? Without a doubt, outdoor GPS or mountain Gps

Our GPS for the mountain, besides marking areas where you have taken mushrooms to return to them at other times or to mark areas that we want to visit later, fulfills an important function. The GPS trekking mark the way you have done, mark the tracks and trails where you are walking and most importantly, mark the position where you have left the car or the starting point, to return to it at any time.

Our GPS for mushroom hunting have been selected among the best models of the most prestigious brands: GARMIN, MAGELLAN and TWO NAV.

You will be able to find from cheap GPS for the mountain to more exclusive ones that even allow you to take high quality pictures.

Dont hesitate any longer and decide to buy a GPS tr