Truffle gourmet packs

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Where to buy mushroom packs

Our mushroom packs have become one of the favorite items of our customers, as it is a perfect gourmet food product not only to make a special gift to our partner, friends or family, but also to give a little treat to ourselves, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the taste of this authentic delicatessen.

In this way, in La Casa de las Setas we have a great variety of mushrooms and truffles packs, which present different organic products that we can use both to season and give a touch of flavor to our recipes as well as to taste them in their natural state.

Thus, consuming our gourmet canned mushrooms is an experience capable of awakening all your senses, since they not only have an unmistakable flavor and aroma, but also a soft texture that will make this delicacy melt in your palate.

Therefore, if you want not only to enjoy delicious food products, but also from a model of organic farming and respectful with the environment, we recommend you to take a look at our website to discover the different mushroom tasting packs that we currently have in our catalog.

Discover our mushroom tasting packs

In La Casa de las Setas, our gourmet mycological products store, we have a wide range of mushroom tasting packs to suit the tastes and preferences of all types of customers.

Thus, in our website you can find from mushroom tasting packs consisting of oils and flavored vinegars of excellent quality, to other sets that also include truffle carpaccio, boletus and truffle cream, as well as canned boletus Edulis or Chanterella among other delicacies.

In addition, in our online store we also have tasting packs for truffle lovers, which include duck foie gras with black truffle, canned summer truffle slices, Tuber Melanosporum truffle in its juice or truffled balsamic vinegar among many other products.

Therefore, if you want to surprise a real mushroom enthusiast with a very special and original gift, we recommend you to visit our online store to know all our sets and buy a mushroom tasting pack made up of top quality products, but at a very competitive price.