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The truffle is a delicacy that must be tasted fresh. La Casa de las Setas collects the truffles from the field, carries out the quality control, puts them clean in an attractive box and delivers them to your home in 24/48 hours with all the guarantees of origin. We make it easy for you to buy fresh truffles.

We deliver our truffle washed and brushed. We prepare our orders with care

We ship the truffle in special packaging to guarantee maximum freshness, aroma and quality, without breaking the cold chain during shipment.

We make it very easy for you to buy fresh truffles, canned truffles and truffle products.

Truffles are possibly the most magical and fascinating mushrooms that exist, they are very scarce, they grow underground and you need the help of an animal collector to locate them, mainly a trained dog. They are also by far the edible mushrooms with the most intense aroma.

The black winter truffle, the summer truffle and the autumn truffle, Tuber brumale. Even the Chinese truffle or Tuber indicum has a considerable aroma, although at a great distance from our black diamond of the kitchen, Tuber melanosporum, black truffle or winter truffle. In this section you will be able to enjoy all its aroma and flavor.

The black truffle is also known as Perigord truffle or Tuber Melanosporum, which is its scientific name. It only grows in a few areas worldwide. Its aroma is intense and unmistakable.

Black winter truffle

Tuber Melanosporum can only be found during the winter months, from December to March. The rest of the year we can find other truffles, summer truffle Tuber aestivum and autumn truffle Tuber brumale.

It should be noted that Spain is the world's leading producer and although truffle cultivation has spread a lot, we are still the largest producers of this hypogeous fungus.

In our section of gourmet truffles we have selected in a category all those products made with truffles, oils, risottos, ... fresh truffles in season, gift and tasting lots with a variety of products made with truffles. You will also find the necessary tools for truffle harvesting, truffle shovels and knives, as well as for your kitchen, mandolin, grater, brush, ... Everything in our gourmet truffle section and just a click away!

Whether you are a store, a restaurant or a private individual, buy truffles in our gourmet section and become an expert truffle cook!

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arboles micorrizados
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Mycological products made with black truffles

At La Casa de las Setas you can buy winter and summer truffles from Maestrazgo, one of the best truffle growing areas located between Castellón and Teruel. We have selected the best truffle products, so you can buy winter and summer truffles, fresh, canned or used in the production of other products.

In La Casa de las Setas we offer both fresh truffles and products made with truffles harvested in Castellon. One of the best truffles we can find, with the guarantee of the brand Castellón Ruta del Sabor.

Truffle sales to individuals

It is not necessary to have a restaurant or a shop to buy black truffles. Nowadays, anyone can afford to buy black truffles. The consumption will not be the same as that of a professional, but at La Casa de las Setas you can buy fresh truffles from 25 grams.

To enjoy the truffle we can take these quantities as a reference: for 2 people, between 25 and 50 grams, for 3-4 people between 50 and 75 grams, for 5-6 people between 75 and 150 grams.

If you have never cooked fresh truffle before, we recommend the use of a grater and a mandolin, essential tools to enjoy all the flavor and aroma of the truffle.

In our Gourmet Truffle section you will find different types of fresh truffles depending on the time of the year. You can buy truffles almost all year round.

We are distributors of winter truffle (T. melanosporum), summer truffle (T. aestivum) and autumn truffle (T. brumale).

We ship to Europe, guaranteeing the freshness of freshly harvested truffles. We ship fresh truffle in 24/48 hours to Spain and Portugal, we ship to the European Union in 48/72 hours.

Our shipments are made with cold accumulators so the truffle arrives in the best conditions and keeping its aroma.

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