Backpacks for mushrooms

Once you try our mushroom backpacks you will never go out in the field without one again. The advantages of a mushroom backpack are many:

They allow you total maneuverability in steep terrain as they free your hands and lighten the load. In addition, you can carry in its practical pockets everything you will need in your trips to the mountains in search of mushrooms, mushrooms, ... Safely store your keys, phone, GPS, mushroom knife, drinks, ...

We have the largest selection of backpacks adapted to mushroom picking that you can find, and also the best prices for mushroom backpacks. From large capacity backpack models, (20 Kg) to small backpacks for mushrooms, ideal for children, find the backpack that best suits your picking style.

In our selection of backpacks for mushroom picking you can buy backpacks with wicker or chestnut inner basket, and also models with internal metal structures to give rigidity to the backpack and to be able to transport mushrooms more safely.

Replace your classic mushroom basket with one of our mushroom backpack models or use both at the same time and double the amount of mushrooms and mushrooms you can collect without having to go back to the car.

Backpacks for mushroom picking

The fungimochilas or mushroom backpacks are a novel alternative to the use of mushroom baskets. They are completely adapted to the regulation, allowing the dispersion of spores and contributing to the reproduction of new mushrooms. They are also provided with lateral reinforcements to protect the mushrooms and boletus that we find. This protection can be by means of an internal basket of wicker, chestnut or cane or even with an internal metallic structure. In addition, the collection backpacks incorporate different pockets to comfortably carry everything we will need to look for mushrooms: GPS for the mountain, phone or camera, car keys, food and drink, waterproof clothing...

Mushroom backpacks are available in different sizes and prices.

In our section of backpacks for mushroom picking, you will find from small and cheap mushroom backpacks to professional mushroom backpacks, with a capacity worthy of a professional mushroom picker. All our backpacks are guaranteed and use resistant materials such as nylon, polyester, wicker and chestnut ... Using the backpacks in the bush should not be a problem so that they have a good durability and we can enjoy our mushroom backpacks for a long time. Regarding the price of a mushroom backpack, we have adjusted our margins to be able to offer you from cheap mushroom backpacks to more exclusive models. But if you have a better offer, let us know and we will surely improve it.

Who are mushroom backpacks useful for?

Using a mushroom backpack is a good option for all mushroom hunters, but especially for those who have somewhat reduced mobility. They are ideal for older people who need to have full availability of arms. Either to carry mountain sticks, or because they can't carry a full and heavy basket on their arm. But they are not only useful for the elderly. Mushroom backpacks can be used by all mushroom enthusiasts, as they not only lighten the load, but also allow you better mobility and the ability to carry a larger amount of mushrooms.

Are mushroom backpacks comfortable?

Most of our mycological backpack models incorporate a cushioning system in the back to avoid sweating and to soften the impact of the backpack on the back. All our backpacks are adjustable to fit all sizes of mushroom hunters. But above all you can rest assured that if you are not convinced by the model of mushroom backpack chosen, you have 15 days to exchange it for another or return it. In La Casa de las Setas we will be happy to advise you, contact us.

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