Backpacks for mushrooms

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Once you try our mushroom backpacks you will never go out to the mountain without one. The advantages of a backpack for mushrooms and fungi are many:

They allow you a total maneuverability in steep terrain as they release your hands and lighten the load. You can also carry in your practical pockets everything you are going to need in your exits to the mountain in search of fungi, mushrooms, ... save the keys, telephone, GPS, mushrooms, drink, drink, ...

We have the greatest selection of backpacks adapted to the collection of mushrooms you can find, and also the best prices of sail backpacks. From large capacity backpack models, (20 kg) to the folding mesh backpack, find the backpack that best suits your collection style.

In our selection of backpacks for fungal collection you can buy backpacks with interior wicker or chestnut basket, and also models with internal metal structures to rigidity to the backpack and be able to transport mushrooms with greater safety.

Replace your classic mushroom basket with one of our mushroom backpack models or use both at the same time and double the amount of fungi and mushrooms you can collect without having to return to the car.

Mesh backpacks to collect mushrooms

The mesh backpacks to collect mushrooms are essential for mycology fans, guaranteeing the comfort and preservation of mushrooms during transport. Its grid tissue facilitates air circulation, preventing mushrooms deteriorating or moistening. These backpacks comply with environmental regulations by allowing the dispersion of spores, contributing to the regeneration of fungi and respecting the balance of the ecosystem.

Manufactured with high quality materials, our backpacks offer resistance and durability. In addition to their storage capacity, some models include slide pockets to carry essential utensils such as knives and brushes. This combination of characteristics makes our backpacks the perfect choice for mycology lovers, ensuring a comfortable and environmental activity when transporting and preserving mushrooms.

Explore our online store to find the model that best suits your needs and enjoy a safe, convenient and friendly mycological experience with the environment, allowing the natural dispersion of spores in the forest.

Mushroom backpacks with interior basket

Find the backpack with perfect basket for your mycological excursions in the mushroom house. These backpacks, also known as fungimochilas, have been specifically designed to store the mushrooms and fungi collected during your mycological routes. They are the ideal substitute for the classic mushroom baskets, offering greater comfort comfort and additional functionalities such as redecillas, openings and pockets designed to preserve mushrooms in perfect condition and release their spores.

Fungimochilas are increasingly popular among mycology fans, since they have multiple compartments that facilitate access to the necessary tools during the collection process. If you prefer wicker baskets but you are looking for a more comfortable option, our backpacks with basket are the perfect solution, combining the benefits of a basket with the comfort of a backpack.

In the house of mushrooms, we offer a wide variety of backpacks with mushroom basket, as well as mockery manufactured with wicker, adapting to different needs and preferences. Explore our online catalog to discover the various models available and choose the backpack with basket that best suits your tastes and requirements. We facilitate the purchase of these essential accessories to fully enjoy your mycological experience.

Cheap mushroom backpacks

Economic sterling backpacks

If you are looking for mushrooms at affordable prices, the mushroom house has ideal options for you. Our online store offers economic backpacks specifically for mushroom collection, allowing you to enjoy this activity accessible.

Explore our catalog and discover a variety of backpacks for mushrooms at low prices, without compromising quality. We are committed to providing affordable options that meet your needs during your mycological excursions. Whether you look for backpacks with baskets, fungimochilas or more traditional models, you will find economic options to meet your requirements.

In the house of mushrooms, we believe that all mycology fans must have access to quality equipment at affordable prices. Visit our online store and discover the backpacks for cheap mushrooms that will facilitate your collection experience without affecting your pocket.

Large mushroom backpacks

Our larger mushroom backpacks

Backpacks for mushrooms of great capacity and professional design are essential for experienced collectors seeking a resistant and spacious tool. These models are specially designed to handle extensive collection and offer characteristics that adapt to intensive use on varied land.

These backpacks usually highlight for their generous capacity, allowing collection to store a large amount of mushrooms in an organized way. In addition, its professional design incorporates specialized characteristics, such as advanced ventilation systems, modular compartments and durable materials, to meet the specific demands of mushroom collection in diverse environments.

When looking for a backpack for mushrooms of great capacity and professional use, it is essential to select a model that offers durability, comfort and efficiency in the transport of large amounts of mushrooms. These backpacks are the favorite choice of collectors who make intensive mycological expeditions and look for reliable equipment for their activity.

Wicker backpacks

Backpack baskets to collect mushrooms

Wicker backpacks and cuevanos are classic and practical choices for mycology lovers. Wicker backpacks, with their rustic charm, are known for their basket incorporated in the front, offering an organized space to deposit the mushrooms collected. In addition to their attractive aesthetics, these backpacks allow good air circulation, preserving the freshness of mushrooms during transport.

On the other hand, the Cuevanos, with their cash design and side handles, are ideal for transporting considerable mushroom amounts. Manufactured with materials such as wicker or resistant plastic, these containers protect the mushrooms and prevent their crushing during transfer. The handles make it easier to take them comfortably in the hand, offering a practical and functional option.

Both wicker backpacks and cuevanos are options that have endured over time due to their combination of tradition and utility. When choosing between these alternatives, collectors can enjoy the practicality and efficacy that these classic accessories provide in their mycological expeditions.

Advantages of mushroom backpacks

We tell you why more and more setes use a backpack to look for mushrooms in their exits

The choice to use a backpack for mushroom collection translates into a more practical and efficient mycological experience. These backpacks not only offer comfort to the collection, but also have a series of advantages that significantly improve the quality of the activity.

The use of mushroom backpacks offers a variety of advantages that go beyond simple comfort. From facilitating the collection to preserve the freshness of mushrooms and foster environmentally respectful practices, these backpacks become essential allies for those who enjoy the fascinating mycological activity.

Transport comfort
When carrying the backpack on the back, the need to hold baskets or bags in the hands is released, allowing more agile and comfortable mobility in diverse lands. This is especially beneficial for long walks in search of mushrooms.
Storage capacity
Mushroom backpacks are designed with specific compartments that guarantee that the mushrooms are kept organized and without damage during transport. In addition, some models include features such as sliding pockets, allowing essential tools to be ordered and easily accessible.
Facilitate the conservation of mushrooms
The grid or mesh tissue in some backpacks allows optimal air circulation, avoiding moisture accumulation and contributing to maintaining mushrooms during the journey. In addition, these backpacks respect the environment by facilitating the natural dispersion of spores, thus promoting the regeneration of fungi in the environment.
Versatility to carry accessories
In addition to mushrooms, backpacks offer the possibility of carrying water, snacks and other essential elements for a mycological day. The durability and resistance of these accessories, combined with their ergonomic design, make the choice of using a backpack a valuable investment for any mycology enthusiast.
Facilitates exploration and search
By leaving your hands free, mushroom backpacks allow a more effective and concentrated exploration. Collectors can move more agility between vegetation and explore areas of difficult access, maximizing the possibilities of finding unique mushroom varieties.
Ergonomic and durable design
Mushrooms for mushrooms usually have an ergonomic design that adapts comfortably on the back of the collector, distributing the weight equally. In addition, they are made of durable materials that resist wear in natural environments, ensuring their longevity throughout multiple mycological seasons.
It encourages a environment -respecting experience
The choice of backpacks that facilitate the natural dispersion of spores not only preserves the quality of the ecosystem, but also promotes a sustainable collection ethic. By respecting the natural cycles of fungi, collectors contribute to the regeneration and preservation of mycological resources.
Discretion in the collection
Mushroom backpacks allow a more discreet collection compared to other methods. By not carrying baskets or bags in view, collectors can enjoy a more private and less intrusive experience, preserving the tranquility of natural environments and minimizing interference with local fauna.

What backpack for mushrooms to buy?

We help you choose the best backpack to collect mushrooms

When you choose the ideal backpack for mushroom collection, it is essential to consider key factors such as size, capacity and comfort. Opting a large -to -size model guarantees sufficient space to travel considerable distances and comfortably transport the mushrooms collected. The internal organization, with specific compartments, and comfort during prolonged days, thanks to adjustable straps and padded support, are crucial aspects for an efficient and pleasant mycological experience. These elements ensure that your backpack choice is optimally adapted to your needs, facilitating your mycological explorations.

Mushroom basket backpack


Optimal ventilation: the grid tissue allows constant air circulation, maintaining fresh mushrooms during transport.

Dispersion of spores: they contribute to the natural dispersion of spores, favoring the regeneration of fungi and being respectful of the environment.

Lightness and comfort: their light design makes them comfortable to carry for long collection days.

Quick drying: In case of getting wet, they dry quickly due to the permeable fabric.


Vulnerability to rain: In wet climates, the mesh can miss the rain, compromising the protection of mushrooms.

Mushroom grid backpacks


Protection against rain: they offer greater protection against rain, maintaining dry mushrooms during adverse climatic conditions.

Classic style: their classic charm and the ability to protect mushrooms make them an aesthetically attractive option.

More space for large mushrooms: the open design of the basket allows you to transport larger mushrooms without restrictions.

Durability: resistant materials of baskets ensure durability over time.


Less ventilation: lack of optimal ventilation can affect mushroom conservation and lead to crushing during transport.

Limitation in the dispersion of spores: they may not be as effective as mesh backpacks for the natural dispersion of spores.

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We offer the security of a return policy so you can make changes or returns if the backpack does not meet your expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we work to give you the best shopping experience in tools for the search for mushrooms and other outdoor activities.

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