Mushrooms and cooking for beginners. A guide to collecting and tasting mushrooms

Mushrooms and cooking for beginners. Guide to collecting and tasting mushrooms

Editorial La Serrania
<p> Magnificent guide of recipes with mushrooms suitable for everyone


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Mushrooms , their multiple forms, the wide range of colors, the most diverse aromas and flavors, the aura of mystery that surrounds the world of mushrooms , have always exercised a magical fascination in almost all the peoples and cultures of the world.

The collection of mushrooms for tasting (and to a lesser extent for study), is a growing activity that, boosted by an intense media boom, encourages an increasing number of beginner mushroom hunters to go out into the mountains, who do not always find adequate tools for a clear identification of the species and, above all, for a distinction between edible and toxic mushrooms with sufficient guarantees of safety. At the same time, there are not too many works that manage to bring together an extensive catalog of mushrooms and a good culinary manual that offers simple and practical ideas to get the most out of these exquisite delicacies, more suitable for tasting than for satiety, from a contemporary gastronomic point of view.

This book aims to fill these gaps. It is not a book where the mushrooms that beginner mycologists need to identify are confused with others that are not of interest to them. The reader will find in these pages a clear catalog, with simple descriptions and abundant images, of the most common species, ordered according to a quality criterion, and only the edible and toxic ones. Together with them you will find practical information on their harvesting and sustainability, the best techniques for preserving them and a extensive collection of 120 recipes in which the best known dishes of traditional cuisine are combined, always with ease and simplicity, with interesting and innovative proposals of the most modern creative cuisine.


PUBLISHER: Editorial La Serranía

ISBN: 978-84-15588-56-6

PAGES: 272 full color

FORMAT: 17×24 cm

BINDING: Paperback, with flaps



AUTHOR: Domingo Mariscal Rivera