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Delicatessen mycological products are here! In the House of Mushrooms we have prepared a section full of gourmet gifts for all tastes: dehydrated mushrooms pack, mushroom liqueur pack, risotto tasting pack, mycological tapas pack ...and many more. Products so different and varied that you will want to take them all home!

And as we know that there is nothing better than to surprise with good mycological products, you can not miss our famous baskets of mycological delights .

Tasting packs to surprise the most demanding

Our gourmet products are designed and adapted for all mushroom lovers. From sausages and snacks made with mushrooms and truffles to chips and vermouth from Castellón. For this reason, we recommend our three mycological tapas packs , a simple and successful option that will not disappoint you. Its wide variety of products make it an ideal pack to take to the countryside or to the beach!

And if you are looking to enjoy the quality of Mediterranean products, the Castelló route of flavor pack is for you. A gastronomic experience in which boletus and truffle jam, sheep cheese with truffle, beer with truffle and olive oil with truffle aroma will conquer your senses.

We recommend...

From La Casa de las Setas we want to accompany you in your choice so that you can choose the gourmet product that best suits your needs.

If you are looking for drinks, dont miss our stackable bottle of autumn liqueurs or our cream of chanterelles or cream of boletus , essential products for your after-dinner drinks!

Gourmet gifts for any occasion

Surprising a mycology lover is no easy task, but now, with our tasting packs you will not only succeed, but you will also want one for yourself!

Truffle and mushroom tasting pack, mushroom tasting pack, risotto tasting pack, fideuás tasting pack, trumpet of the dead products lot, boletus products tasting pack ...we have all kinds of mushrooms and all kinds of packs and lots. From lots of mycological liqueurs to lots of mushroom jam, mushroom honey or even a lot of sweet mushrooms

Quality handmade products

If you are one of those great lovers of cooking, cooking with quality products will be a must on your table. What if we told you that with boletus oil, black truffle oil or white truffle oil your dishes will be even more exquisite? They are perfect for seasoning a good salad, pasta, meat or whatever you want!

And if you also combine it with our truffle packs , you will become the king of the evening.

La Casa de las Setas gift card

Is an important date approaching and doubts are haunting you because you dont know which gourmet product to choose? Dont worry. In the House of Mushrooms we have created our gift cards , a convenient and quick option with which you will surprise that special person.

Say goodbye to the usual questions: What will he like more, a truffle pack " , or maybe a batch of sweet mushrooms ...? and do not complicate yourself because .... he will be able to choose the option he likes the most!

Dont forget that at La Casa de las Setas we are always happy to help you, so if you have any doubts or questions, contact us!