Mushroom cultivation kits

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Mushroom Growing Kits

Do you like mushrooms? Would you like to be able to grow mushrooms at home ? Well, now it is possible with our mushroom and edible mushroom growing kits . Do you have a space on the kitchen bench, balcony or veranda? Then you can buy a mushroom growing kit and follow the instructions. In about 10 days you will start harvesting your first edible mushrooms, and without leaving home! The traditional cultivation varieties, mushroom and oyster mushroom - Pleorotus , have increased considerably as a result of the development of laboratories and companies specialized in mycological cultivation. In our section of kits for mushroom cultivation we have selected those varieties that are best suited to domestic cultivation, from oyster mushrooms or oyster mushrooms, to more exotic varieties such as shiitake or enoki. You can even cultivate medicinal mushrooms such as reishi and lions mane

You no longer have an excuse for not buying mushroom kits for cultivation. You can also use them for educational purposes or to make a small mushroom plantation in the catering trade.

In addition to the different mushroom micokits we have incorporated other elements related to cultivation, such as Pleorotus mycelium grains , available in a wide variety of formats.


Mushroom growing is an increasingly popular activity. Many mushroom enthusiasts prefer to grow mushrooms at home rather than buy them directly from the supermarket. They like to see how mushrooms grow, and they like to cook mushrooms by picking them just at the optimal moment of growth.

In the House of Mushrooms we have selected the best mushroom growing kits, with those varieties most recommended for their production or ease of cultivation. Growing kits for oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shiitake, paris mushroom, portobello, enoki or poplar mushrooms. Inoculated substrates ready to start producing mushrooms in just over a week. With these mico kits growing mushrooms at home step by step is very easy.

Reasons why to buy mushroom alpaca or mushroom growing kit

  • They are extremely easy to grow, in a few days mushrooms will start to appear
  • You will receive your order in 24/48 h comfortably at home
  • You will only have to wait between 7 and 14 days to harvest
  • You will enjoy fresh mushrooms just picked at home
  • You will incorporate a natural and very healthy food into your diet
  • Your whole family will enjoy watching your mushrooms grow

With home mushroom cultivation, the youngest members of the family will enjoy watching mushrooms grow. We even have special kits for children, so that in addition to watching mushrooms grow, they can paint the packaging and participate in the growth of their mushrooms.

In addition, you will find mushroom-producing trunks, alpacas of larger mushrooms, mycelia and mycorrhizal plants with the most consumed wild mushrooms. Niscal pines to cultivate wild mushrooms, oaks and rockroses mycorrhized with boletus, junipers, junipers...

Whatever mushroom you want to cultivate, in La Casa de las Setas we have the product you are looking for. Ask us

If you like edible mushrooms , what are you waiting for to start growing them?