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Mushroom and mycological gifts

We have selected for you those articles that we know mushroom fans like the most.

Discover in our wide range of mushroom gifts everything you need to please those who are passionate about mycology. From specialized utensils to books and tools, each item has been selected with that passion for mushrooms in mind. Find in our collection the perfect inspiration to surprise those seekers of mycological treasures. Don't miss the opportunity to give unique and exciting experiences to those who love to explore the world of mushrooms and truffles. Make each gift an encounter with nature and the excitement of discovering new flavors and aromas!

Exclusive details so that nothing is missing in your mycological equipment. You are sure to be right!

What setero gift to buy?

Our best-selling gifts

If you don't know what gift to buy, we suggest some of the most successful products from our mycological gifts section. It doesn't matter if you have to give it to an expert setter or to an amateur who is just starting out. You will find exclusive products that will make you the right choice with your gift.

Gadgets and decoration with mushrooms

Discover our wide range of gadgets and decoration items inspired by mushrooms. Find everything from practical utensils to decorative elements that will give a special touch to your space. Explore our unique selection and find the perfect accessories to showcase your passion for mushrooms in every corner of your home.

Explore our exclusive catalog of gadgets and decoration items with mushroom motifs, designed to delight mycology and nature lovers. Each item has been selected to celebrate the beauty and fascination of mushrooms. Transform your space into a tribute to nature and enjoy the mycological magic in every detail.

Personalized gifts with your name

Explore our exclusive collection of personalized mushroom gifts, designed for those who love mycology. Immerse yourself in a world of unique details, from wooden canes finely engraved with your initials to pocket knives personalized with your name. Additionally, we offer exquisitely crafted wooden plaques so you can personalize your collection baskets.

Each piece is an expression of your love for mushrooms and nature, ideal for giving special moments. Surprise your loved ones with gifts that reflect your passion for mycology, adding a personal and meaningful touch to their adventures in the forest. With our personalized gifts, each outing will become an even more memorable and authentic experience.

Gourmet batches made with mushrooms and truffles

Discover our exquisite gourmet lots made with the highest quality mushrooms and truffles. Immerse yourself in a unique culinary experience with our carefully selected products, ranging from fresh mushroom sets to delicious truffles. Surprise your palate and enjoy the authentic essence of these exclusive ingredients, ideal for elevating your dishes to another gastronomic level. Explore new flavors and add a gourmet touch to your meals with our premium selections.

Mushroom and truffle replicas

Our mushroom and truffle replicas, meticulously detailed reproductions of the most sought after species. These realistic reproductions accurately capture every detail of the most prized mushrooms and truffles.

Perfect for mycology enthusiasts, these replicas are ideal for studies, decoration or simply to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of these species. Explore our collection and bring home pieces that reflect the essence and beauty of the most coveted mushrooms and truffles.

Collection packs

Our mushroom collecting packs are designed to give you a complete experience in the world of mycology. In addition to the basic equipment, you will find accessories that will facilitate your exploration, such as high-quality collecting backpacks, specialized knives, and detailed guides to identify the different species. With these packs, you will immerse yourself in nature safely and well prepared, ready to discover and enjoy the diversity of mushrooms on every outing in the forest. Equip yourself with the best and begin your exciting mycological adventure.

Mushroom keychains

Mushroom keychains decorated with exquisite designs that capture the beauty of these species. These small metal jewels are detailed reproductions of mushrooms or razor miniatures, adding a distinctive touch to your keys. Keychains will not only keep your keys organized, but will also be a stylish accessory that will reflect your passion for mycology. Turn your keys into a detail that shows off your hobby and shows your love for the world of mushrooms everywhere you go.

Gift card, the best option

Our gift cards are the perfect choice to allow your loved ones to choose from all the categories in our store. With the flexibility to choose their own gift, these cards give them the freedom to explore our wide range of products. Additionally, you can include a personalized message that will accompany the gift card, adding your special touch to this gift.

Simply choose the desired amount and we will take care of sending the gift with your message to the person you want to surprise. Make your Mushroom House experience even more special with our gift cards!

Our socks are decorated with fun designs where mushrooms are the protagonists. These socks are not only comfortable, but they also add a touch of fun and originality to your outfit. With a variety of charming designs, from colorful mushrooms to creative patterns, our socks are the perfect choice for those who want to take their passion for mushrooms to the next level. Give a unique touch to your style with these fun mycological socks.

Mushroom sheets

Our exclusive vintage mushroom prints are reproductions of antique illustrations that capture the beauty and charm of these species. Ideal for decorating any space, these prints provide a touch of nostalgia and elegance. Immerse yourself in classic aesthetics with these captivating reproductions that are perfect for framing and displaying in your home, adding a touch of sophistication and passion for mycology to your decor.

Gifts for all budgets

What budget are we talking about?

At Casa de las Setas, we have mycological gifts for all budgets. From affordable options to exclusive items, we have a wide variety of products to suit different budgets.

What is the budget range you have for that special gift? From affordable details to luxurious pieces, we have options for every budget. Explore our selection and find the perfect gift that fits your budget and shows your appreciation for mycology.

Gifts up to €20

Gifts up to €50

Gifts over €50

When to give mushrooms?

In the exciting world of mycology, mushroom gifts are not just gifts, but expressions of appreciation and attention to the unique tastes of those who receive them. From traditional celebrations to special moments, the versatility of mushroom gifts suits a wide range of occasions, showing consideration for the recipient's passion and interest in the fascinating kingdom of mushrooms. Discover ten cases where a setero gift becomes a meaningful and personal gesture, reflecting affection and connection with this natural and exciting world.

Birthday celebration

Giving mushroom items can express appreciation for the recipient's mycological hobby, giving them a personalized gift that reflects their passion.

Christmas or Holidays

A setero gift during this holiday shows thoughtfulness by choosing a gift that reflects the recipient's interests.

Special thanks

A gesture of gratitude with a setero gift shows attention and care by recognizing the unique tastes and hobbies of the recipient.

To introduce someone to mycology

Giving the gift of a setero kit or accessory is an excellent way to introduce someone to the exciting world of mycology, promoting a new interest and experience.

Friendship or couple anniversaries

It is an opportunity to celebrate the relationship by giving something that demonstrates knowledge and attention to each other's interests.

Labor or professional recognition

To recognize the achievements and passions of a colleague or employee, a setero gift can be an original way to express gratitude.

Mother's or Father's Day

A setero gift is a way to honor parents, showing appreciation for their love of nature and their hobby of mycology.

Graduation or personal achievement

In recognition of an academic or personal achievement, a setero gift shows consideration for the recipient's interests.

Invitation to a mycological outing

Giving mushroom accessories or equipment can be a symbolic invitation to explore the world of mushrooms together.

Special celebrations or family events

A setero gift can be an original way to celebrate family events such as weddings, engagements or special meetings.

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