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Gift boxes with mushroom knives

Mycological knives presented as a gift

If you are thinking of buying a gift for a mushroom enthusiast , our selection of knives boxes are the ideal choice to get it right.

From more basic models to give to a mushroom enthusiast who is just starting out to more exclusive mushroom knives, presented in elegant cases.

A mushroom pickers knife is always a good gift for mushroom enthusiasts, as pickers knives are one of the most easily misplaced items in the wild.

Youve probably lost a mushroom knife while picking, and youve probably found a knife that someone else has misplaced as well.

To decide to buy a case of knives for mushrooms you must know what level of knowledge has the person to whom you are going to give knives and if it is an expert in mushrooms it is best to decide to buy a complete kit or one of our most exclusive knives. We have in catalog models of gift boxes of the best brands, Legnoart, Laguiole, Opinel , ...

Do not hesitate and decide to buy a mushroom gift box in our section. Surely you will be right

The gift boxes with mycological knives are a very demanded article in La Casa de las Setas . Many times ask where to buy a gift for mushroom enthusiasts and our mycological cases are a good choice.

They are presented in wooden boxes or cases which is ideal for gifts, and also include our best models of knives for mushrooms . In our section of penknife cases you will find models of all the prices, from an economic penknife case with a good penknife with brush inside an elegant box, passing for the classic Opinel model for mushrooms, its Opinel Champignon nº8 , that includes the special sheath of the French brand and a special edition penknife with oak handle.

Other models of mycological knives that we include come presented in a leather sheath and we have decided to include them in this section because they are exclusive models that customers demand us to give as gifts. Mycological knives of damask steel , horn handles and finishes that are not the usual in other knives.

Other cases of knives to give that we have selected include exclusive models, or kits of several knives all presented in beautiful boxes case that will make these gifts a very successful option if you are looking to buy a gift hedger