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If one of your dreams has always been to have a huge garden full of wild plants, colorful flowers, big trees and a vegetable garden with habanero peppers, radish, broccoli or arugula, its time to start with the seeds! In the Mushroom House you can find an extensive selection of all kinds of seeds of both trees and wild plants.

And if you are looking to surprise that special person who loves to grow their own flowers, dont miss our self-cultivation Kit tell them with flowers: Congratulations, Congratulations, I love you and Thank you. Which one do you choose?

Types of seeds: wild trees

If you are a tree lover, this section is for you: pinus pinaster seeds, pinus nigra seeds, pinus uncinata seeds, pinus sylvestris seeds, pinus pinea seeds, pinus halepensis seeds... and even all kinds of seeds from the quercus family (quercus ilex, quercus faginea, quercus petraea and quercus pirenaica).

All our tree seeds are certified sustainable, but... do you know what the advantages are? We tell you!

Advantages of certified seed

  • With certified seeds, productivity is increased and homogeneous germination is guaranteed.
  • Harvesting is of higher quality because the seeds are free of weeds.
  • It means an increase in overall production

And now that you know all the benefits of certified seeds, run to find the tree seeds that best suit your needs!

Seeds or seedlings?

We have all asked ourselves the question of whether it is better to buy seeds or seedlings, whether you are a beginner and want to start creating your own orchard, as if you are a real expert.

For example, if you are looking to teach your children the whole process of germination and development of plants at a more economical price, you will be interested in opting for seeds. However, if you are looking to have a cork oak, strawberry tree or pine, but you do not have enough time to sow and transplant it, the best option is without a doubt, seedlings.

In la Casa de las Setas we offer you different options of seedlings that adapt to practically the whole Iberian Peninsula. From the pine tree sapling, the strawberry tree sapling or the cork oak sapling, to the holm oak sapling, the oak sapling or the ash sapling. All of them are relatively undemanding trees, as they adapt to both humid and warm soils.

However, it is important to bear in mind that the chestnut sapling, being a species more typical of the northern region of the peninsula, needs cooler and more humid climates.

But if what you are really looking for is a complete kit to grow in a comfortable and simple way, here it is: Kit cultivation aromatic herbs (basil, parsley, curly and cilantro), Kit cultivation desserts (strawberry, blackberry and currant), Kit cultivation gourmet (profile, basil and cilantrocherry), Kit cultivation spicy (chili pepper, habanero and jalapeño), Provencal cultivation kit (rosemary, oregano and thyme), Superfood cultivation kit (chia, kale and quinoa) with which you can create delicious dishes and edible flower cultivation kit (marigold, pansy and nasturtium).

And if we also tell you that we also have kits for those who enjoy... Gin and tonic growing kit, hamburgers growing kit or pizza growing kit, what do you think?

Growing wild plants: easier than you think

Wild flowers are very easy to care for and cultivate, becoming great allies for your garden. In the House of Mushrooms we show you different wild plants with which you can get started, accompanied by a complete kit in which you will find everything you need to grow (100% biodegradable germination pot, peat tablet, envelope of seeds and its file with the necessary care): Kit cultivation dandelion, Kit cultivation sunflowers, Kit cultivation catnip, Kit cultivation hops, Kit cultivation clovers, Kit cultivation habanero bell pepper and Kit cultivation Calçots.

Do you want to eat healthy?

Sprouts are a great source of vitamins, nutrients and varieties that have great benefits for our body. Thats why we offer you seeds with which you can grow sprouts on your own. With these super kits of self-cultivation is very easy: Kit self-cultivation sprouts sushi, kit self-cultivation sprouts tacos and kit self-cultivation sprouts Burger. So now you have no excuse not to indulge yourself!

And do not forget that in the House of Mushrooms we will always be happy to help you, contact us!