Compass whistles

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Compasses and whistles

Small items but incredibly useful when you are in the bush looking for mushrooms. They are a must in any mushroom hunters kit as they can get you out of trouble.

Getting lost in the bush is very easy if youre not paying attention and a whistle helps to make your position known to the rest of the group. When you go out to look for mushrooms with your family, you cant miss them as they will prevent the children from getting lost in the bush.

You can find a selection of multifunction whistles as well as a selection of compasses to be able to orient yourself in the bush and choose the right orientation to look for boletus and chanterelles. Our multifunction whistles besides working as a powerful emergency whistle incorporate thermometers, compasses and other very practical accessories in the bush.

Small in size, you can carry them in any hole of your backpack to look for mushrooms or attached to your basket