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Truffle knife

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Special knives and blades for truffle harvesting

Tools for truffle growing

Going out into the bush or to a truffle plantation in search of truffles is a unique experience. Not only are these mushrooms considered diamonds in the kitchen, but also their harvesting is surrounded by unique characteristics.

The prices paid for these mushrooms make our truffles authentic culinary treasures that are served in the best restaurants specialized in cooking with mushrooms.

Truffles, mushrooms of the genus tuber , are fungi that grow under the ground, so to search for truffles we must use dogs trained to collect black truffles. We must also use specific tools to dig truffles out of the ground, the truffle knives .

A black truffle knife is a tool that on the one hand should allow us to chop the soil and on the other hand allow us to dig up the truffles causing them the least possible damage. For this reason, they have both resistant tips as a beak and wider areas as a shovel to be able to remove the surrounding soil.

In our section of special truffle knives we have selected different models of truffle knives and knives , of various sizes and different shapes, to adapt to the needs of each truffle harvester.

We have folding models to carry comfortably in the mushroom backpack , even a truffle knife . On the other hand, there are the larger truffle knives.

If you are looking to buy a truffle knife , in our truffle accessories section you will surely find your model!

In La Casa de las Setas we are specialized in equipment to look for mushrooms and truffles. Because the special growth of these mushrooms makes the tools used in the harvesting of truffles special. That is why we have selected different truffle knives , specially designed and conceived to extract truffles from the ground.

The cultivation of truffles, truffle farming and the increase in the consumption of black truffle, summer truffle and other types of truffle has considerably increased the number of mushroom enthusiasts who have also become truffle hunters .

If you are interested in buying a truffle machete you must first know its characteristics, since they have nothing to do with the characteristics of a mushroom knife. The main characteristic of a truffle knife is its sturdiness, since it must break the dry earth and allow us to dig up the truffle. That is why the preferred material for truffle machetes is steel or wrought iron.

Another characteristic of truffle harvesting knives is their particular pointed blade shape. Thus, while breaking the surface of the earth and sticking the knife into it, we can extract the earth that surrounds the truffle.

The truffle knives are working tools and usually have a large size, although you can also find folding truffle knives , folding nail-shaped machetes and even a truffle knife that fits in your pocket.

Before buying a truffle machete dont forget to visit our truffle hunting tools section . You will find more than 10 different models, from a cheap truffle machete and folding, to large truffle picking knives to extract truffles effortlessly. The range of truffle machetes price is very wide. The varied selection of truffle tools from The House of Mushrooms makes the truffle hunter sure to find the one that best suits his style.