Powdered mushrooms

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Mushrooms in flour, mushroom powder

One of the traditional ways to preserve mushrooms is to dehydrate them, to add them as another ingredient of the dish, but if what we are looking for is to give mushroom flavor to our recipes, the best way to achieve it is to use mushroom flour .

Mushroom flour is made from dehydrated or freeze-dried mushrooms which are ground to the texture of flour or powder.

We can elaborate flour of almost all the edible species and it is a wonderful dressing for spoon dishes, stews, vinaigrettes, ... Try to add a spoonful of boletus powder in a lentil stew and you will see what flavor you get. We present our selection of mushroom flours made with mushrooms from the Iberian Peninsula and dehydrated in a traditional way, little by little, in the sun. We have mushroom flour of the following varieties: boletus, oronja, senderuela, perrechico, rebozuelo, black trumpet, camagros, and a mixture of powdered wild mushrooms .

Once you try cooking with powdered mushrooms you will use them as a regular ingredient in your dishes because of the flavor they provide