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Cane reed baton

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Buy reed sticks

In La Casa de las Setas you can buy reed sticks with different characteristics at affordable prices. Whether you prefer a reed cane with a rubber tip or a brass cap, you are in the right place.

The reed canes are perfect for shepherds and livestock farmers to develop their activity with greater comfort in their farms. These professionals know that reed is a very hard and resistant material. They are also slightly flexible, so they meet their durability expectations perfectly, as they are almost unbreakable. Their size is usually about 150 cm approximately.

If you want to buy handmade reed sticks, you should know that we have different models. In addition, we use technology to improve the treatment of wood and get our customers to take with them unique and high quality specimens.

When you buy reed sticks in La Casa de las Setas you are betting on a commitment that is reflected in the quality of each of our articles. All of them have demonstrated great resistance and durability in the tests carried out and are of great help for walking .

One of the most important advantages you will enjoy when you buy reed sticks is that they facilitate stability and reduce fatigue. Thanks to them, you will be able to increase your quality of life and stay active and dynamic when you are out in the bush. You can also use them for walking in the city or town, although in this case we recommend using those whose length does not exceed 90 or 95 centimeters depending on your height.

In case you do not use it for the field, but for the day to day, it is also convenient to buy a reed cane that is finished with a rubber or cone. This is the best way to avoid slipping and falling.

how to buy a reed cane?

Before buying a reed cane, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Handle. Its grip should be appropriate for you to feel comfortable and safe when using this cane.
  • Size. If you want to use the reed cane to reinforce your mobility in any daily situation, avoid making it too low or too high.
  • When you are using it, frequently observe the condition of the tip. This is the support point and, if it deteriorates, you should replace it with another one to guarantee your stability.

Buy your reed rod with the certainty that its resistance is optimal.