Oils and vinegars with mushrooms

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Boletus salt
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Boletus salt

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Oil and vinegar made with mushrooms and truffles

Boletus oil, black truffle oil and white truffle oil Vinegar and balsamic vinegar with truffle aroma

The aroma of some species of edible fungi and mushrooms combines perfectly with our green gold, extra virgin olive oil. An oil flavored with boletus or black truffle brings an extra flavor and aroma to all kinds of dishes, from fried eggs in this special mushroom oil, to dressing a salad or making a truffled oil vinaigrette . Some species of mushrooms, especially the black truffle, also marry very well with vinegars and especially with balsamic vinegar, as it provides the characteristic earthy flavor of the black truffle .

In this section of oils and vinegars with mushrooms we have selected the best extra virgin olive oils and we have macerated them with different species of mushrooms , boletus edulis, black truffle and white truffle from Piemonte, the most expensive mushroom in the world. The presentation of these oils is a spray bottle to help us distribute the oil homogeneously on our recipes with mushrooms. It is ideal for dressing salads!

Our balsamic vinegar has also been selected in Italy and flavored with Aragonese black truffle , to achieve one of the most surprising flavors in the kitchen. Dare to try it.

They are the ideal gift for the mycological cooks !