Chestnut baskets

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Chestnut baskets

Chestnut firewood baskets, labrador basket, hazel baskets, chestnut baskets

The baskets made of chestnut wood are ideal for collecting mushrooms and fungi. These chestnut baskets are lighter and more robust than wicker baskets and allow a perfect aeration of the mushrooms and also the dispersion of spores in the bush.

In our section of chestnut baskets to look for mushrooms we have different models of baskets. From the most traditional models, with different handle shapes, to new models of baskets with lids to carry comfortably over the shoulder. If you are looking to buy a chestnut basket you will find all the models in different sizes, from small models of baskets for children to professional models of chestnut mushroom baskets. The best prices on chestnut baskets!

All our baskets are handmade with the best chestnut wood and once you try them you will see why many mushroom hunters are changing their wicker baskets for new models of chestnut baskets.

Our chestnut wood mushroom baskets are light, resistant and robust. You will be able to use them as a support in case of need and also for many other uses: picnic basket, shopping basket, or to always carry in the trunk of the car.

Choosing a chestnut basket is always a good choice if you are going to use it outdoors. Activities such as mushroom picking, fruit picking, picnicking, asparagus picking, firewood gathering, or using a chestnut basket for shopping are just some of the ideas of how to use a chestnut basket.

You may have wondered why choose a chestnut basket. The answer is simple, as the advantages of a chestnut basket are many. Chestnut baskets are very light because the particular interlacing of the wooden slats makes the weight lighter than in other natural fiber baskets such as wicker baskets, esparto grass baskets or cane baskets. In addition, the robustness of wood compared to other lighter fibers such as wicker is another advantage. The aesthetics of chestnut baskets is also a plus if you are looking for a lighter color tone than other baskets such as buff wicker baskets.

A feature of chestnut mushroom baskets that is very important to La Casa de las Setas is that they are made by artisans, as chestnut baskets and baskets have been woven for centuries. If you decide to buy a chestnut basket you are helping to maintain an artisan craft and to promote the rural environment. Besides, you will be able to enjoy a good chestnut basket for a long time. Its finishes reinforced with nails make a basket a safe and durable option.

As for the types of chestnut baskets and baskets, in our section of mushroom material we have chosen the most typical models within the traditional chestnut basketry. You will find chestnut baskets or baskets for firewood, chestnut baskets type labrador, with its particular stick handle with bark. We also have asparagus baskets with a flat handle and thin chestnut baskets, lighter and special for decoration. We must not forget the chestnut trays that you can use on a daily basis, to store fruit or vegetables for example.

Todays decorating styles are increasingly using natural handcrafted materials and traditional chestnut basketry is being used more and more to decorate home or commercial spaces. It is not uncommon to find stores such as bakeries or food stores that use chestnut displays, baskets and furniture as commercial furniture. Another common use is as a gift basket for organic products, gourmet gifts, .....

The prices of the chestnut baskets are economic and varied and you will be able to find from a cheap small size chestnut basket for mushrooms to more complete models with a very varied price range. The sizes you will find in our chestnut baskets section range from small baskets to XXL or professional sizes. You are sure to find yours!