Neck Braces

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Tubular neck warmers

Practical garments to protect the neck and face from the cold, light and breathable, that we at the House of Mushrooms have designed for mushroom and mycology enthusiasts. Our collection of tubular scarves and neckerchiefs is composed of several designs based on different species of mushrooms, boletus and fungi. We have taken advantage of the bright colors of some species of edible mushrooms such as chanterelles, boletus edulis, morels, chanterelles and senderuelas or carrerillas to create fun garments that you can use in different ways to protect yourself from the cold in the bush when you go out to look for mushrooms.

Tubular scarves to protect your neck from the cold

They are ideal for outdoor sports or activities such as hiking, trekking, mushroom hunting, skiing or snowboarding. When practicing these outdoor sports, it is very important to protect and keep your neck warm. This is the only way to get the most out of it. Choose from our exclusive models of neckerchiefs, tubular scarves and other warm clothing

Made of soft, breathable stretch fabric and with fun, lively mushroom designs, youll love our collection of neckerchiefs for the mountains. The tubular scarves or neckerchiefs are made of breathable microfiber and are seamless, versatile and functional quality garments!

We incorporate new exclusive designs every month so that you can find your model of neck warmer for mushrooms and you can go out in the mountains well protected.

All designs are original and printed using a new printing technique that prints the entire surface of the mycological garment. If you are thinking of buying fun neck panties in this section you will surely hit with your mushroom gift