Lacor TERRA rotating mushroom dehydrator
Lacor TERRA rotating mushroom dehydrator
Lacor TERRA rotating mushroom dehydrator

Lacor TERRA rotating mushroom dehydrator

<p>New dehydrator of mushrooms and vegetables Lacor TERRA, rotary, with thermostat. Professional performance at the price of a domestic one

This rotary dehydrator contains 5 removable trays that allow the introduction of several different types of food, yogurt making, etc..

Thanks to the 3D heating of the machine, the air circulates inside the machine uniformly (360º) and penetrates through the holes in the trays.


Delivery 3-5 days

Dehydration is a technique for preserving food by removing moisture. Since almost all foods have a certain percentage of water, the uses of dehydration are very varied, ranging from fruits and vegetables (including flowers, herbs and leaves for infusion) to meat, fish, fresh pasta or algae. As an extra, Lacors TERRA food dehydrator can restore crispiness to cookies and helps bread dough to ferment.

Although the dehydrator removes water, it leaves the properties and nutrients practically unaltered, since it operates at low temperature and is not harmful to the food.

In culinary terms, dehydration preserves the aroma and much of the appearance of the food, lightens it and concentrates and amplifies its flavor. Once dehydrated, fruits gain in sweetness and, depending on the level of drying, can become crunchy chips, treats, or a healthy snack that is easy to take to work or school. Dehydrated foods can be pulverized for use as a condiment, and can always be rehydrated by adding water.

Economically, the dehydrator favors the purchase of seasonal products, when their price is lower, and then dehydrating them for use during the rest of the year. Similarly, aromatic plants can be cultivated and then dried in this way, obtaining spices with a better flavor than those packaged and obtaining a greater yield from the plants, which often die before they are fully utilized.

Instructions for use:

  • The electric dehydrator works by generating a gentle heat inside, which moves between the trays on which the food is placed. The lower trays are designed for larger pieces, for example meat and fish, the upper trays are for thinner and more delicate pieces.
  • The food should not overlap, the air should be able to circulate between them.
  • The pieces of each tray should have a similar size.
  • Dehydrated food should be kept in suitable containers, the more airtight the better, since they are affected by the humidity of the air.

Description Terra L69223 rotary food dehydrator

  • Range: food dehydrator
  • Model: L69223
  • Weight: 2.8 Kg
  • Power: 500 W
  • Temperature: max 70ºC
  • Capacity: 5 trays
  • Dimensions
  • Height: 220 mm
  • Diameter: 330 mm