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Pole tips and accessories

Hiking poles, wooden or aluminum poles have become one of the fundamental pieces in our equipment when we go out to practice outdoor activities. It is a necessity that they are resistant and one of the fundamental pieces to fulfill this objective is their tip.

Mountain poles usually have a metal tip, or toe cap. And this part suffers wear, so it is convenient to replace it from time to time.

Metal tips, tips and accessories.

Rubber, steel, nickel, galvanized tips in different sizes

Many amateurs make their own handmade wooden canes, choosing the straightest and most resistant poles, and in many cases decorating them. A metal toe cap for mountain sticks will ensure a long life for your handmade walking stick.

At La Casa de las Setas you will find different types of metal and rubber tips. Of different materials: stainless steel, nickel or galvanized and with diameters from 16 to 26 mm for the metallic pieces. For the rubber models, diameters range from 10 mm to 28 mm.

Find accessories for walking sticks, hiking poles or mountain poles. Hooks, compasses, cords and especially metal tips, ferrules or spikes to finish off the poles and make them more resistant.

Metal tips for walking sticks in different sizes and materials

Metal tips for walking sticks, metal or rubber tips or any other finishing for the tip of the walking stick, not only help us to walk and maintain the stability of the wooden or folding walking stick. They are also one of the elements to pay attention to and maintain properly.

A baton with a metal tip, a stainless steel tip or a rubber tip (the material will vary according to our preferences and the grip needs of the terrain), will give us extra stability. And the greater the stability, the greater the confidence in our gait and therefore the better the experience when walking on the mountain, rocks and even ice.

They will allow us to walk in a lighter and more comfortable way, and reduce the feeling of rest.

What type of tip or tip end does my walking stick need?

The answer depends a lot on the type of terrain we are going to walk on and the diameter of our cane. The first factor will determine whether we need a metal tip or a rubber tip. If we are walking on asphalt or in the city, using a rubber tip for walking sticks will be the best option. We will minimize noise and obtain greater grip and stability. On the other hand, if we are going to move through the mountain, walk with walking sticks on earth or stones, a metal toe cap or metal tip should be our choice. They have a better grip on soft ground, digging into the earth or between stones, and are also more resistant and durable. Lets not forget that walking in the mountains wears out the poles more than walking in the city.

The diameter of the pole will determine the diameter of the tip, tip or toe. This is not a problem because at La Casa de las Setas we have different diameters, whether we are talking about metal tips or tips for mountain poles, or rubber tips for wooden or folding poles.

What material should my tip be made of?

As we have mentioned, the choice of the material of our hiking pole tip will depend on several factors, type of terrain, use to which it is going to be destined, sonority, etc. Anyway, in La Casa de las Setas we understand that the poles are an important part of the mountain equipment and we have selected metal and rubber tips. Being the most common use that we are going to give to our walking stick, to help us to walk in the mountain, the metallic tips will almost always be the most appropriate.

Within the types of metal ferrules there are different diameters, from 16 mm to 26 mm, but the most significant are the 3 types of metal we offer:

Stainless steel: more durable and resistant. Nickel: lighter and shinier, better aesthetics but less resistance Galvanized: very resistant but less aesthetic.

Taking these options into account, the only thing left to do is to choose the most appropriate metal tip or rubber tip to guarantee safety and stability when walking with a trekking pole

Who may need tips, tips and plugs

Anyone who likes walking in the mountains, hiking, trekking or mushroom hunting will at some point need to replace the metal or rubber tip of his or her walking pole. These are the parts that suffer the most wear and tear and on which the proper use of the baton depends.

Also those people who need a cane or a walking stick as a walking aid. In this case, they will probably opt for a rubber tip that will give them greater stability, but in any case they should replace it when necessary

When the mushroom season arrives, many amateurs make their own walking sticks. They choose a boxwood, chestnut or hazel stick. It must be very straight. And they give it the shape they need to be able to use it as a cane. They customize the wood, the handle and even paint them or make a pyrography or carved design. These craftsmen will need to buy spike tips for walking sticks. Precisely to finish that special piece.

When do I need to replace the tip of my walking stick?

The maintenance of a mountaineering pole, whether it is a gayato, a wooden pole or a folding aluminum pole, is fundamental. As is the case with the rest of the equipment for mushrooming.

We should make sure that the tips are in perfect condition. If you notice that they are worn, we notice that we are losing grip and stability, then it is time to change the metal tip for our stick. If we dont do it, we can cause a fall

Buy a metal or rubber tip or buy several?

There are not many stores specialized in selling mountain poles, and La casa de las Setas is one of them. You can buy poles and accessories online and receive them comfortably at home.

Although you will normally only need one or at most 2 units, one per pole, it is recommended that you take advantage of the shipping costs and add another unit. You will not need them soon but you will need them later and you will not have to pay shipping costs again. These parts are very economical and in many occasions the shipping cost is higher than the price of the product. For this reason we recommend you to buy metallic tips of wooden cane in group or several units at the same time.