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Accessories for mushroom baskets

Basket straps, adaptable nylon lids, Velcro pockets

Different accessories for your mushroom basket . Customize your basket! You can add features to your classic basket that will help you to make more comfortable your trips to the mountain in search of mushrooms .

Find straps and hooks to carry more comfortably your mushroom basket when loaded with chanterelles, boletus or mushrooms.

Practical pockets to safely store your keys, phone, outdoor gps, or to keep your pocketknife in sight.

Add a practical nylon lid to your basket and protect the mushrooms you collect in the bush from rain and shocks. It prevents them from falling out of the mushroom basket during transport.

These accessories for mushroom baskets are an original and ideal gift for a fan to go out in the bush in search of mushrooms

The accessories to customize mushroom baskets are an increasingly demanded product. We all like to be able to customize our mushroom foraging equipment and if we also add improvements in their performance even better!

The range of accessories available in La Casa de las Setas is varied and wide. In our section of accessories for mushroom baskets you will find all types of mushroom baskets. We put at your disposal several nylon basket covers or adjustable lids . With these adjustable lids for all sizes of baskets you can add a lid to your wicker basket and protect from wind, humidity or prying eyes what you carry inside.

Do you want to convert your basket into a comfortable backpack to carry it comfortably in the bush? Or carry the basket as a shoulder bag hanging over your shoulder? We have different straps to adjust to the basket and convert it.

You will also find a very useful accessory for your basket, a zippered pocket to carry your keys , camera, your knife or cell phone, fix this pocket to your basket with a Velcro strap and you will have it at your disposal!

Without a doubt your mushroom basket will never be the same once you add any of these accessories. If you want to buy an accessory for baskets in our section you will find yours and if you do not find it, tell us and we will look for it!