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Sheaths for knives.

Leather, nylon or fabric, choose the sheath that fits your mushrooming knife

They are the perfect complement for your mushrooming knife. Available in all sizes to fit all the mushroom knives in our range.

You can find from nylon sheaths, cordura mushroom knife sheaths and the most exclusive mushroom knife sheaths handcrafted in leather and leather of the highest quality.

Thanks to your mushroom knife sheath, you can always carry your mushroom knife with you and use it when you go out to the mountains and find a good patch of chanterelles or chanterelles. Avoid losing the knife to look for mushrooms with our adjustable belt sheaths and enjoy your hobby.

If you are thinking of buying a mushroom knife sheath, you will find a wide variety of models, from a cheap knife sheath to more exclusive models of leather sheath for mushrooms

You have already decided to buy your knife, now you just need to take care of it and maintain it so that you have it new and ready to use it for many years. But how to keep your knife in perfect condition? The most important thing is to get a knife sheath to keep it while you are not using it.

Razor sheaths and accessories are the ideal complement to take care of your razor. They come in many types and materials. In our section of sheaths and accessories for knives you can find a wide range of models of knife sheaths. There are models of knife sheaths that are specifically designed for a model of knife or folding knife. For example the Opinel mushroom knife has one that is exclusive for that model, the opinel champignon knife sheath. We also have exclusive models for handmade knives, the handmade knife sheath also sewn by hand.

But in general you can choose between one of the many models of knife sheath that we have, since according to the size of your mushroom knife or your outdoor knife, you will be able to use it without problems. Choose the material with which the sheath for your knife is made, it can be a nylon sheath of different colors. Choose from our many leather knife sheaths with different finishes.

All leather sheaths for survival knives or pocket knives have a belt loop. The same goes for other materials. But in our selection of sheaths you will find some models of leather sheaths with sharpener included.

Other very useful accessories to keep your knife, knife or mushroom knife, are the sharpeners or chairas. It is always important to keep your knife perfectly sharp and using a knife sharpener often is highly recommended.

One problem you may encounter is that while walking in the bush you may lose your mushroom knife. To avoid this, we recommend using one of our knife hooks. They are extensible extensions that allow you to use the knife while keeping it attached to the mushroom basket or clipped to your belt. A very useful accessory.

If you are thinking of buying a knife dont forget to also buy a sheath and some of these knife accessories. Dont worry about the price of a knife sheath, in La Casa de las Setas we have all types. And dont forget, the important thing is to keep your mushroom hunting equipment in perfect condition!