Pickled chanterelles

Pickled chanterelles


Preserved pickled chanterelles, Lactarius deliciosus


This edible mushroom preserve applies a traditional method of preservation, pickling, to an increasingly demanded product such as wild mushrooms. In this case the chanterelle, Lactarius deliciosus, a typical mushroom of pine forest areas in the autumn season (it is the queen of our pine forests).

In this marinade, in addition to the chanterelles, we add Cider Vinegar, Virgin Olive Oil, garlic, salt and bay leaf.

The gift deal for mushroom and cooking lovers

Selection and classification: The wild edible mushrooms that arrive at the factory are checked by a biologist and mycologist to rule out possible misidentified specimens. It is then selected to eliminate defective specimens and all elements that may alter the quality of the product, such as needles and other plant debris.

TIP FOR USEConsume this preserved mushrooms as an appetizer at room temperature. Heat in a frying pan without the governing liquid and add it just before serving.We can add the edible mushrooms and the liquid from the jar to a meat stew 5 minutes before finishing it. It combines very well with grilled fish.


Ingredients: Chunks of chanterelles (Lactarius deliciosus), cider vinegar (24%), olive oil (16%), garlic, bay leaf and salt.Net weight: 230 grams per jar.Gross weight: 390 grams per jar.Drained weight: 150 grams.Capacity: 250 ml.

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