Rice and Pasta with mushrooms

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Boletus Fideuá
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Boletus Fideuá

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Rice and pasta made with mushrooms

Risotto of boletus, rice with wild mushrooms, fideuá of bolets, truffle pasta

The mushrooms and edible fungi are ingredients that marry very well with certain ingredients, eggs for example, but without a doubt the rice and risottos with boletus and mushrooms are the most popular dishes in the mycological kitchen.

There are countless varieties of risottos and rice dishes made with mushrooms, from the traditional Italian recipes with boletus, butter and parmesan, to the honeyed rice dishes where vegetables and boletus are the protagonists.

In our selection of rice and risottos you will find a great variety of these dishes ready to cook at home. Just follow the instructions, add broth and in a few minutes you will enjoy an authentic boletus risotto or a restaurant-worthy rice with trumpets and raspberries.

Another ingredient that goes very well with mushrooms is pasta in all its variants, fideua, tagliatelle, pasta soup, ... In our selection of Italian pasta made with mushrooms you will find more than 15 different varieties of this dish, from a traditional fideua of boletus edulis , which includes broth, mushrooms, onion, spices and dehydrated garlic, fideua of oronja , to soup of negrillas or noodles of mountain gluttony . A delight for cooking enthusiasts.

Become an expert mushroom cook with these semi-elaborated dishes with dried mushrooms , rice and pasta