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Mushroom guides, mycology books

Basic guides for beginners. Mushroom and mycology books. Mushroom cultivation guides

Mushroom cookbooks, species monographs. Regional guides of mushrooms and fungi

They are an essential element for the knowledge of mushrooms and fungi. The mushroom books and mycology guides that we propose in our mycological bookshop section will help you to differentiate some species of mushrooms from others.

Learn which are the most common edible mushrooms, what are the differences between edible and toxic mushrooms, what are the types of mushrooms, how are the laminae, spores, rings, and other parts of each mushroom. You will become a real expert in mycology

We have selected those guides that best suit our hobby of looking for mushrooms. You can find mushroom guides that grow in Europe as well as in the Iberian Peninsula, including mushroom guides for specific areas of Spain!

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If you are looking to buy a mushroom book, in our bookstore you will find from cheap mushroom guides to species-specific books to delight the most expert mushroom hunters!

When we talk about accessories or very useful tools to get started in mycology , in the knowledge of mushrooms and fungi, we immediately think of a wicker basket to look for mushrooms , or a boletus knife or a collecting backpack, but in our opinion perhaps the most important of all is a good mushroom guide or a mycology book .

Why is it so important to buy a mushroom guide?

To start this hobby of collecting boletus or chanterelles it is convenient to do it with someone who can teach us, who can accompany us in our first outings and who can guide us in our first knowledge of wild mushrooms. But at the same time we have to help each other and go researching, reading some mushroom blog and mycology forums and above all study a little new species. And the best way to do this is with a mushroom book, a mycological guide, a book of mushrooms and fungi species . We will start with a basic one, if possible a mushroom guide of our area, province or region. Why is it advisable to start with a local mushroom guide? It is very simple, because it will show us the species that we are going to be able to find in the mountains that we have nearer.

Know the edible and toxic mushrooms with a mushroom guide

The first times we go out to look for mushrooms we usually only know the niscalos , or the oyster mushrooms or the boletus edulis , but when we get to the mountain we find a large number of different mushrooms that are not these varieties. Immediately the question arises, is this mushroom edible ? and here half answers are not worth, because a mistake can be fatal. Before daring to try a mushroom we must be sure what species of mushroom it is, and to avoid fatal mistakes and poisoning by toxic mushrooms , we must be sure that it is not a toxic or deadly mushroom. This recommendation is crucial and very important. Before knowing the species of edible mushrooms, we must know the toxic mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms that we are going to find. That is where we must start our mycological knowledge. And therein lies the importance of a good mushroom guide or mycological book.

Which mushroom guide do you recommend?

If you are looking to buy a mushroom guide and do not know which one to choose, you should first think about what you are going to use it for. If you want to buy a basic mushroom book to start learning some mushroom species, then we recommend a basic mushroom guide, or a book with mushroom illustrations. They are ideal to get started in this hobby and learn to distinguish the toxic species from the edible ones. If you already have some knowledge and want to learn even more, then a expert mushroom guide is the ideal choice. They incorporate a large number of mushrooms, many more than the mycological guides for beginners and expand their descriptions and photographs. We recommend this mushroom guide s, our best selling mushroom book

Okay, you already have a basic mushroom guide, a more extensive mushroom book, but you want to learn even more. You are passionate about a particular species, you love russulas or boletus and you want to become an expert. Then the monographic mushroom guides are the solution. Books of mushrooms and fungi where you will only find mushrooms of a single genus. We recommend the monographic of the Genus Russula in the Iberian Peninsula , a classic for russula lovers

Cookbooks with mushrooms , for cooking enthusiasts

In our selection of books and guides of mushrooms and fungi not everything is going to be to learn new species. Lets not forget that the ultimate goal of going out to the mountain to look for mushrooms is to be able to taste them in a recipe. After all, mushrooms are delicious! Many of our mushroom guides and mycology books have some recipes made with mushrooms in their contents, but there is a good selection of books written exclusively to enjoy mycological cooking. Recipes of boletus, recipes of niscalos, cooking tips with mushrooms and many other things that you can find in all our mycogastronomy books

Learn to cultivate mushrooms with our cultivation books

Do you want to get started in the cultivation of mushrooms and copmestible mushrooms . you already have a professional mushroom cultivation or a cultivation of oyster mushrooms or a plantation of truffle oaks and you want to learn how to manage them. Or you simply want to know how mushrooms are cultivated , what types of mycological cultivation exist or what varieties of mushrooms can be cultivated? then buying a mushroom cultivation guide is the best option. Choose from some of our cultivation guides and truffle growing books and become a professional