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Discover the fascinating world of mushrooms and fungi with our specialized guides and books. From basic guidelines for beginners to kitchen books with exquisite recipes, we offer a wide selection that adapts to all levels of knowledge. With our regional guides, you can identify the mushrooms that grow in your area and learn to differentiate the groceries from toxic.

Learn with mycologists and become a connoisseur of mushrooms. In addition, take advantage of our offer with a 10% discount on all titles. Explore the Mycological Bookstore at the House of Mushrooms and enter the exciting universe of mycology and cuisine with mushrooms. Do you want to start in mushroom cultivation? We also have guides specialized in cultivation and truffle. Check our selection and enjoy this fascinating hobby.

Field guides

Explore the fascinating mushroom universe with our specialized field guides. Designed to have comfortably in your basket or backpack during your outings to the mountain, these guides offer detailed information about the main mushrooms you will find. Its light and functional design makes them the perfect partner to identify and learn about the various species that decorate forests and fields.

With outstanding characteristics and visual details, these guides are an essential tool for any mycology enthusiast. You are already beginner or expert, these field guides will give you a practical and educational experience in each exit to the mountain, helping you to identify and better understand the wonderful world of mushrooms.

Books to identify mushrooms

Discover a wide selection of specialized books for experienced fans of mushrooms and fungi. Whether you seek to expand your knowledge about edible mushrooms, explore specific species in a region or enjoy detailed photographs and information, our collection of guides and books has what you need.

From full guides with an extensive variety of species of fungus cataloged for a more detailed consultation at home, to books written by outstanding national and international mycologists, our section encompasses everything.

Find titles of the best publishers specialized in mushrooms and fungi, as well as works by mycologists who have self -draf his knowledge. Do not hesitate and choose your next mushroom guide in our section for expert fans.

Species monographic

When you enter the fascinating world of edible mushrooms and deepens of their study, the need to obtain more specific information about certain species of fungi arises. These types of details are not usually found in more generic mushroom guides. In our section of mycological monographs and specialized books, we have gathered publications that offer detailed information to learn more about edible mushrooms, identify and distinguish them from toxic varieties.

Explore our collection of specific books on various species, from specialized works in Boletus or Colmenillas to reference guides dedicated to the genus Russula. This section is perfect to expand the knowledge of an expert mycologist. Mushroom monographic guides are also an ideal gift for those fans experienced in the world of mushrooms. Discover all the titles now!

Regional mushroom guides

Mycology opens the doors to a fascinating paradise that all mushroom lovers should explore. In La Casa de las Setas, we recognize the importance of regional mushroom guides, an essential section for all setes, both rookies and veterans. These guides are valuable companions on your excursions to the forest, providing detailed information about local species and the best places in Spain for mushroom collection.

Mycology is a fascinating passion, but knowing the edible mushrooms of toxic is crucial. Our edible and toxic mushroom guides will make you an explorer expert, helping you identify and differentiate each species. From the popular mushrooms of the Basque Country to the species of Malaga or Cádiz, our guides and books will accompany you in your exits, providing you with valuable information. In La Casa de las Setas, we are here to help you fully enjoy nature. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubt!

Mushroom and truffle cultivation books

Mushroom cultivation has experienced a remarkable boom, and in La Casa de las Setas we recognize the importance of providing valuable information for growers. From the cultivation of mushrooms at home to more ambitious projects at the industrial level, we have selected specialized books that offer guidelines and advice to ensure a successful harvest of thistle mushrooms, mushrooms, pleurotus and more.

In our mycological bookstore, you will find titles that will guide you step by step in the process of establishing your mushroom planting. These cultivation books are essential for both beginners and those with experience, providing key knowledge to maximize the production of edible fungi. If you are considering acquiring a mushroom culture kit, the purchase of a cultivation book will provide you with the necessary guidance to guarantee the success of your project. Explore our selection of titles on mushrooms and truffles, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of fungal cultivation.

Kitchen books with mushrooms

For lovers of edible mushrooms, mycological cuisine is a unique culinary experience. Whether you have collected the mushrooms yourself in the forest or have acquired in online stores, the mushroom books section of our store offers specialized titles in the art of cooking with fungi.

In La Casa de las Setas, we have carefully selected books that focus on the kitchen of edible fungi, from monographs that explore a particular species to broader works with recipes that highlight various varieties of mushrooms. This collection will not only allow you to buy mushrooms online, but will also guide you through the preparation of exquisite mycological recipes.

Either with dehydrated or canned mushrooms, our recipes range from classic dishes with dehydrated boletus to modern creations with shiitake mushrooms. If you are considering buying mushroom guides, opt for those that include detailed recipes for different types of edible mushrooms or that focus exclusively on mycological cuisine will provide you with a valuable source of culinary inspiration. Discover your edible mushroom recipe book at the best price in our Mycological Bookstore and Immerse yourself in the delicious world of cooking with fungi.

Guides and nature books

Welcome to the section of books and nature guides of La Casa de las Setas, your online store specialized in products for nature lovers. Here you will find a wide variety of books and guides that will allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

You are already passionate about birds, mammals, wild plants or trees, we have the perfect guide for you. Our books offer detailed information on habitats, food, characteristics and more, providing valuable knowledge for nature lovers.

In addition, we care about the environment, and we have specialized books in ecological cultivation and conservation techniques. Learn how to take care and preserve our environment to contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Written by experts and designed to be accessible for both beginners and experts, our books and guides are a valuable educational tool. They are also an ideal gift option for any nature lover, whether experienced or beginner.

Cheap mushroom guides

Mushroom books for all pockets

Explore the fascinating mushrooms does not have to be expensive. In La Casa de las Setas, we present our recommendation of cheap mushroom guides that will make your mycological experience accessible and enriching.

Our selection includes affordable but informative guides that will help you identify different species of mushrooms, understanding its characteristics and habitats. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced collector, these guides are an excellent option for all mushroom enthusiasts.

We invite you to explore our collection and immerse yourself in the world of mushrooms without worrying about the price. The passion for mycology does not have to be expensive, discover our economic mushroom guides today!

Mycology books

Reference mycology books

In La Casa de las Setas, we are proud to present our recommendation of mushroom books that stand out for their exceptional quality. These books are a valuable addition to the library of any mushroom enthusiast, offering detailed information, precise illustrations and an informative and enveloping approach.

Our careful selection covers works by renowned mycologists and experts in the field, providing truthful and updated content. You are already an experienced collector or be taking your first steps in the world of mushrooms, these books will give you deep knowledge and will accompany you on each expedition.

Explore our collection of high quality mushroom books and subume yourself in the richness of mycology with works that stand out for its excellence. Invest in your passion for mushrooms with books that offer lasting and detailed knowledge. Discover the quality on each page!

What mushroom book buy?

We help you choose the best mushroom guide and fungi to get the whole game

Starting the fascinating adventure of looking for a newsletter or Niscalos is recommended with someone who guides in the first exits and in the knowledge of wild mushrooms. However, it is essential to complement that experience with your own research, exploring mushroom blogs, mycology forums and, above all, studying new species. The indispensable tool for this learning is a mushroom book, a mycological guide or a compendium of mushroom species and fungi. It is advisable to start with a basic guide, preferably focused on the area, province or region, since it will teach the species present in nearby mountains.

Knowing the edible and toxic mushrooms is crucial with a mushroom guide. In the first exits, it is common to recognize only varieties known as snacks, thistle mushrooms or edulis boletus. However, when exploring the mountain, we find numerous different mushrooms. The question arises then: Is this mushroom edible? Half responses are not enough, since an error can be fatal. Before trying a mushroom, it is essential to be sure of the species and avoid poisoning for toxic or mortal mushrooms. Understanding the species of edible mushrooms implies, first of all, to know the toxic and poisonous mushrooms. This is where the importance of a good mushroom guide or a mycological book comes into play.

If you are looking to buy a mushroom guide and do not know which one to choose, you should consider its use. To start and learn some species, we recommend a basic guide or a book with mushroom illustrations. They are ideal to start and distinguish toxic species from groceries. If you already have knowledge and seek to learn more, a mushroom guide for experts is the ideal option. They offer a wide variety of mushrooms, more than the initiation guides, with detailed descriptions and photographs. We recommend our mushroom guide, the best -selling fungi book.

You already have a basic mushroom guide or an extensive book, but you want to deepen even more. If you are passionate about a particular species, such as russulas or boletus, and you want to become an expert, monographic mushroom guides are the solution. These books focus on a single genre of mushrooms.

Better with photographs or illustrations?

The choice between mushroom guides with photographs or illustrations depends on the individual preferences and needs of each person. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is useful to consider which best adapts to your preferences and objectives when acquiring a mushroom guide.

The choice between guides with photographs or illustrations will depend on your personal preferences and the planned use. Those who value visual authenticity may prefer photographs, while those who seek clear and simplified representations can opt for guides with illustrations.

Mushroom guides with photographs


Visual realism: photographs provide realistic representations of mushrooms, which facilitates identification by showing precise details of color, shape and texture.

It facilitates recognition: especially useful for beginners, since the images faithfully reflect how mushrooms are seen in their natural environment.

Quick reference: It allows rapid and simple identification in the field, since the images can be compared directly with the mushrooms found.


Variability: Light conditions, photography angles and mushroom maturity states can vary in the images, which can make precise identification difficult.

Seasonal limitations: some mushrooms may have different aspects in different stations of the year, and photographs may not cover all variations.

We recommend this mushroom book with photographs

Mushroom guides with illustrations


Artistic clarity: The illustrations can highlight important characteristics of the mushroom in a clear and simplified way, which facilitates the identification of distinctive features.

Idealized representation: Illustrators can highlight key features and eliminate distractions, offering a clearer representation of the structure of the mushroom.

Consistency: Illustrations are more consistent in terms of color and style compared to photographs, which can facilitate comparison between different species.


Lack of realism: although illustrations can be detailed, they can lack the visual authenticity offered by photographs.

Possible subjectivity: The illustrator's interpretation can introduce some subjectivity, which could affect the precise representation of some species.

We recommend this mushroom book with illustrations

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